Be a Volunteer

We love our volunteers! They are what makes our festival happen, and what makes it special. Want to be a part of our community by giving time and energy to create festival magic?

NOTE: We still have volunteer position available, however we are no longer accepting pre-fest applications for 2016 Spring Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance. We encourage you to apply at the festival. If you would still like an opportunity to be scheduled to volunteer and you are 18+ please show up to festival after 12pm on Thursday, May 5th (we will not schedule you prior to this time) and come to the Volunteer Check-in booth.  We no longer have any Setup positions available. Keep in mind you will have to pay for any camping you require. We will also require you to put down a deposit in the form of a check or credit card. Thank you so much. See you soon!

If you are a first-time volunteer, please read over the below information to learn about how it works…


While Festival is Happening

Scheduled Volunteers – when you get to the festival you DO have to pay for parking and tent camping, then come to the ticket booth – volunteer check-in is at the side window of the booth (next to artist check-in). Be sure to find out where to meet your crew if you don’t know and double-check your shift times. We need to be able to rely on the volunteers that we schedule and not be left short-handed during the festival. Cancellation exceptions may be made in if there is an emergency but you must speak with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Please read the information below about volunteering and be prepared to make a deposit with a check or credit card when you confirm your volunteer schedule:

  • There will be limited at-festival volunteer sign-ups
  • We can’t use tickets already purchased as volunteer deposits
  •  If you are younger than 16, you’ll need to bring a parent or guardian along with you to your volunteer shift.
  • We’ll be checking id’s when you check in as a volunteer, so be sure to bring that with you
  • During the festival: you may not alter your assigned shift unless you have confirmed it with all crew chiefs involved and the Volunteers Coordinator.
  • If at any point you are told you are not needed for your shift, report to the volunteer coordinator to get another assignment or you will be charged your whole deposit.
  • Parents volunteering, please find someone to watch your young children while on shift, it’s difficult to volunteer and look after kids at the same time.

Volunteering at a glance

12 hours of volunteering = 4-day pass (or, 3 hours for each day at the festival)

CLICK HERE FOR Crew Descriptions. NOTE: We are no longer taking Street Team Crew members. Please do not put “Street Team” on your application unless you have been specifically directed to do so.

  • You are not confirmed to volunteer until a volunteer coordinator contacts you to schedule shifts.
  • If you are under 18, you need to fill out a parental consent form, see below.
  • Lest you be tempted, DRINKING IS NOT ALLOWED during volunteer shifts. If this policy is violated you will not be eligible as a volunteer in the future. Also if you report to a shift under the influence and are unable to work you will need to come to the volunteer check-in and sign up for a make-up shift or you will be charged your whole deposit.
  • Tent campers note: there will be no tent camping without a pass for the next day, ie if you are camping Friday night, you must also have a Saturday wristband.

Parental Consent

If you are under the age of 18, you need to fill out a Parental Consent Form, and either:

  • bring it with you when you come to the festival, or,
  • return it to us at: Volunteer Coordinator, Shakori Hills, 1439 Henderson Tanyard Rd., Pittsboro, NC 27312.

Please contact us with questions.

Volunteer Deposit Policy

(check or credit card…NO CASH)

4-day deposit: $124

(Add ‘em up for each day and you’ll get your total deposit amount! For example if you are volunteering for Thursday, Friday and Saturday your deposit amount will be $116)

  • Thursday:$32
  • Friday: $42
  • Saturday:$42
  • Sunday: $32

We try to get in touch with as many volunteers as possible before the festival to get your deposit information unless your complete your hours before the festival. This helps speed up the check-in process when volunteers arrive to receive their festival wristbands. However if this is not possible then we will take your information when you check in at the Volunteer Check-In at the festival.

You can give us your deposit like this:

  • By giving us a credit card number: on the phone with the volunteer coordinator when you are scheduled
  • Mailing a check to 1439 Henderson Tanyard Rd., Pittsboro, NC 27312. If you decide to go this route we need to receive it by October 4th or your volunteer shifts will be offered to someone on the waiting list.

If you have questions about the deposit requirement, please ask the volunteer coordinator when they contact you.

Once you have put down your deposit and confirmed your volunteer schedule, you are responsible for showing up to fulfill those shifts.

Your deposit will be cashed if you come to the festival and don’t show up for your shifts, this INCLUDES if you miss just one shift so be sure to completely fulfill your volunteer commitment.

If there in an emergency during the festival and you have to leave the festival without having completed your shift, make sure the volunteer coordinator is aware or your deposit will be charged. If you can’t talk to the coordinator before leaving, please call the office or email the coordinator as soon as you can.

If you’re interested in camping, check out this opportunity to have your tent set up for you:

Volunteer Coordinator:

Thanks and see you soon!!

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