Spring 2015 T-Shirt Sale

Turquoise2Did you miss your chance to purchase a Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival t-shirt this Spring? Well, we’re offering them here on the site for a special after-fest price. There are women’s and unisex tees and tanks available in various colors. Order yours now! Sizes are somewhat limited and may run out quickly.

Spring Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance

Hi everyone!

Last spring we created a new shopping experience for you. As with anything new, it might still be a bit bumpy at first, but we think that it will end up being a great store. It will be helpful for you and for us if you read the NEW STORE GUIDE before buying your festival tickets. Then proceed to purchasing tickets below.

Spring 2015 Festival Tickets will be available online through Wednesday, April 15th at 10pm. After which they will only be available AT THE GATE. But don’t worry, we won’t sell out of tickets, so come on out!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call or email. Do not stress, we can figure most problems out together.


The Shakori Hills Team

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Recycle Rewards at Shakori Hills!

At Shakori Hills, we want to do our best, not only to keep our grounds clean and our staff happy, but we also want to help make everyone understand the direct effects of taking care to handle our waste as best as possible! If you are camping at Shakori Hills, please collect your trash, recycling, and compost and sort it into separate containers. We want to help you remember to do this, so we’re running a program in which people who bring their sorted bags of trash and recycling directly to our Trash Field at certain times during the festival will be entered to win fun prizes, including a 4-day pass to the next festival! Read below and give it a try…


Prizes include:

A pair of 4-day passes to the next Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance!

A 7 Hour Glassblowing Class from Locally Grown Art! Jonathan’s studio is located in Chatham County in the Rock Rest Artist Community. He will also have an interactive piece displayed at Shakori Hills under the oak tree next to the Coffee Barn.

A Portable Massage Table from TouchAmerica, Inc!

Pottery Goods from Bass Mountain Pottery!


An Outdoor Personal Training Session with Todd Fain in Saxapahaw, NC!

A Private Social Dance Lesson, dance of your choice, from Aubrey Griffith-Zill!  Born and raised in North Carolina, Aubrey Griffith-Zill is a professional dancer, dynamic performer, and enthusiastic instructor who has trained and taught both in the United States and abroad. During her dance career she has worked with such respected groups and individuals as Cobo Brother Dance Company (NC) Juan Matos (Barcelona), Mouaze (Paris), Santo Rico (NYC), and Gresille Ponce (NJ). Her diverse education includes formal training in rhythmic-tap, clogging, modern, jazz, hip-hop, contact improv, and certified in American smooth and rhythm forms of ballroom, though it was the vibrant energy of Latin social dance that led to her specialization in salsa, cha cha, and bachata. Extensive travel and training in Latin America has allowed Aubrey to learn these disciplines from their sources and then integrate her diverse dance education into a unique, innovative style. This style emphasizes isolations, fluidity of the body, mind-body connection, cultural expression, personal empowerment, and meaningful connections with the floor, self, partner, and core.


(Aubrey & Adam)

A Private Social Dance Lesson, dance of your choice, from Adam Philips! Adam grew up right here in Saxapahaw, North Carolina.  He began dancing to the live music of his peers before he was a teenager.  As a youth his closest friends were passionate young musicians who have also grown into the top of their field.  These lasting friendships continue to be a source of artistic inspiration.  Adam started teaching and performing Ballroom when he was 19.  He has trained and partnered with other champions from around the world.  Through Ballroom, Adam was introduced to the world of social dancing, where he fell in love with the connection and improvisation of the art.  He continues to teach, perform and choreograph many different styles of dance for events around the world.  Adam and Aubrey are now their own dance company, traveling, teaching and performing their creative, expressive style of partnering.

A 60 Minute Massage from Massage From The Hart!

A 1-Hour Guitar Lesson with John Westmoreland! A native North Carolinian with deep roots in the blues, John Westmoreland is a multidimensional musician. He studied jazz and classical composition at Berklee College of Music where he was also a recipient of the BEST scholarship. ?In 2011 He became a founding member of the West African fusion band Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba.

JWestmoreland_bwAs a solo artist he plays his own dynamic, and sensitive interpretations— interweaving jazz standards, African traditional music, Blues, Bach, the American Songbook, as well as his own original compositions. ?Outside of traditional performance contexts he also provides musical accompaniment for yoga classes, and is currently exploring other ways that music can facilitate healing. In July of 2014 with the help of an Emerging Artists Grant from The Durham Arts Council he traveled to Peru to study ceremonial healing music of the Mestizo culture in the Upper Amazon.

What you haven’t heard…5th edition

Notes from the other desk…

This festival is going to be special, I can feel it. Of course, it always is. Spring, to me, is a season of discovery and newness which is why it suits this festival so well. We seek to be a place where people discover new things both in the outside world and within themselves. Art is so often the first step to discovery, it makes us step out of ourselves and find inspiration in what we see and hear and in the creators who make it. There are some familiar bands in this spring’s lineup, I’m sure, but I’d also like to think that a lot of it isn’t familiar, and that most of it inspires you. I’d like to share with you some of our artists that have inspired me, and I hope you get a chance to experience them as well.

Of course, all of our bands are great! The Wood Brothers are going to start it off right, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars will take us to far off places, Feufollet and Preston will help us dance the night away. I’ve compiled a short list, however, of some that I don’t think should be missed that you might not have heard before. I do realize I’ve asked you to watch two bands at once, but you’ll figure it out…

The London Souls

I’ve heard them described as a mix between Gary Clark, Jr. and Cream. So, that should really be enough for you to catch their set on Saturday night at 9:30 pm. These guys have been holed up in New York City for a few years. They started in 2008, and apparently stuck around, playing local shows and blowing local minds, and now they are finally hitting the rest of the country, and we are lucky for it. Put some flowers in your hair, and be ready to live out some of those music festivals of yore with the soul, psychadelia, funk, and of course, rock and roll of The London Souls!

“Old Country Road” – The London Souls

Laura Cortese

There’s a neat little Americana scene that’s been coming out of Boston for a while now. It includes Lake Street Dive, Crooked Still, Aoife O’Donovan, and many others. Beantown’s most recent delectable, musical child is Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards. Laura, however, has been to many festivals with various bands. I met her when she was in the John Paul Jones produced Uncle Earl with Abigail Washburn. She’s also just cool, she has special online shows in which she and her bandmates bake goodies and play music! When you buy your tickets to watch online, you can also purchase the goodies they make! Innovative, fun, super talented, that’s Laura Cortese! She’ll be playing the Cabaret Tent on Friday at 8:15 pm. There’s some other great stuff of hers on youtube, including this one, but I just love this song! Let’s go dance!

“Heel to Toe” – Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards

New Reveille

My new favorite band out of Raleigh! You may have caught Jack the Radio at last fall’s fest, their brand of swamp rock is both catchy and alluring. New Revielle has George Hage in common, and while he brings some of the swamp with him, they’ve washed off some of the mud and added some amazing harmony, three strong female voices, and a banjo. Put your cowboy boots on for this one, and be ready to watch these guys climb to fame. Catch them in the Cabaret Tent on Saturday at 9:30 pm.

“Heavy Hands” – New Reveille

Laila Nur

Her bio calls her the “best kind of trouble the South needs.” Claiming to be from both New York and North Carolina, Laila strums her guitar, searches her soul, and shares with us her “Revolutionary Love Music.” Active in the art world, the LGBT community, and anywhere there needs to be a voice for justice and love. Her songs express both her passion for life and the world around her and a sense of a commitment to make both of those better. Have a listen for yourself on Sunday at 6:45 pm in the Dance Tent. You may need it more than you know.

“The Untitled Song” – Laila Nur

Love & peace,

The Words That Come Before All Else

Gratitude is a pathway to freedom!

Being thankful is not to be complacent or accepting of the limits of our existence but an act of centering. Haudenosaunee give thanks to the Sun, Earth, Moon, Animals, Plants, Wind and Waters, in this way taking rightful possession of humanness and our place in the Universe.

Even at the very last moment of our time on Earth we must give thanks for the chance to have lived; liberating ourselves for our ultimate flight into infinity…

Why is being grateful liberating?

No matter who we are or where we are from, from the moment of our birth until the moment we die, we have nothing. We are perceivers. Our opportunity is to perceive the wondrous worlds around us, to add a glow and a gracefulness to our being.

We can share our grace and our beauty, we can dance and we can sing about it. When we give thanks, no one and nothing can take this from us – we are free.

Join us to celebrate your thankfulness, your beauty and your freedom at Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance!

Jordan Puryear
Co-coordinator of the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance.

Fall Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance

Hi everyone!

Last spring we created a new shopping experience for you. As with anything new, it might still be a bit bumpy at first, but we think that it will end up being a great store. It will be helpful for you and for us if you read the NEW STORE GUIDE before buying your festival tickets. Then proceed to purchasing tickets below.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call or email. Do not stress, we can figure most problems out together.


The Shakori Hills Team

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What you haven’t heard…4th edition

One of my favorite things to do at the festival is, while watching a band on stage, taking a moment to watch all of you watching and listening. Joy is contagious. Music can fascinate, soothe, make us reflect, learn, and make us bust a move. I LOVE watching people experience all of these feelings while standing in front of our stages. Here are some bands I can’t wait for you to hear…

The Soul Rebels

Everyone needs some New Orleans spirit in their lives! In that city, they know how to dance, they know how to eat, they know how to party, they even know how to have funerals better than anyone else! Last spring we had the Dirty Dozen Brass Band who were so much fun and definitely brought us to New Orleans. The Soul Rebels continue in the DDBB’s traditions while adding a newer, younger approach. The Village Voice claims they are “the missing link between Public Enemy and Louis Armstrong.” A bridge between present day New Orleans and always New Orleans. Try not to move your feet in front of the Meadow for this one on Saturday night at 10:30pm!

The Soul Rebels Play “Let It Roll” a the New Orleans hotspot, The Blue Nile

Swear & Shake

These guys are an up-and-coming band out of Brooklyn, NY. They are sweet and mellow and man, she has great hair! She (Kari Spieler) also has a powerful and captivating voice. They’re young, but they’ve got a mature and reflection-filled weight to them. These guys met in college and have been touring all over since then. They have that indie-folk vibe that everyone’s looking for these days (think Lumineers), but there’s something new and pure about them too. Their harmonies are infectious, and their live show is sure to be a treat! See ’em on Saturday in the Meadow at 2:45.

Swear & Shake “Hum Our Tune”

Lowland Hum

This folk duo from Greensboro calls themselves a “multisensory artistic collaboration,” using visual art, print, and even smells in their performances, allowing the audience to be a part of their show; “reducing the space between artist and listener.” With just percussion (toe tapping included) and a guitar, they bring their sweet harmonic songs to life and tell us tales of travel and turmoil. They bring a message of peace through music and art, and their love for the craft and for each other is visceral. You’ll get two chances to experience them, Friday in the Meadow at 4:30 and Saturday in the Cabaret Tent at 3:45, so don’t miss out!

Lowland Hum, “Twine” from their living room

Las Cafeteras

Based in LA, 7-member Las Cafeteras uses Afro-Mexican rhythms, zapateado flair, and a good amount of fun to convey thier community-focused political message. They have a unique and engaging mix of punk, hip-hop, and rock, but you can still hear their traditional immigrant folk roots. As their bio expresses, they “tell stories of a community who is looking for love & fights for justice in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles.” This is the type of band Shakori Hills is known for, you haven’t heard of them, but you will leave glad you found them! See them on Saturday in the Cabaret Tent at 11:45pm.

I can’t help but share their version of one of my favorite songs!

Las Cafeteras, “This Land Is Your Land”

In addition, our local Triangle bands are always a treat. Don’t miss Loamlands, new to the festival, Jack the Radio, and Laura Reed!

We’ve got some great bands from the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Family including Milkweed, Bobby Henrie & The Goners, The Falconers, and Jennie Lowe Stearnes & The Fire Choir.

Say hello, too, to some of our friends from Miami who have playing the Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival, Suénalo, Telekinetic Walrus, and Elastic Bond!

Don’t just stick with the ones you know…we promise you’ll find a new favorite!

Love & Peace,

8th Annual Hoppin’ John Old-Time & Bluegrass Fiddler’s Convention

Come on out to Shakori Hills, for a new take on the familiar sights and sounds of a traditional fiddlers’ convention, located on 72 acres of rolling meadows and ancient oaks. Find all information on the Hoppin’ John Website!

Purchase advance weekend package tickets below, including weekend passes and vehicle and RV camping. Camping pass prices are in addition to your event ticket. This sale will end September 15th at 11:55pm after which tickets will only be available at the gate!

NOTE: Daily tickets and individual night camping will be available at the gate only. Find out more ticket information, including daily and camping prices here.

A New Camping Opportunity at Shakori Hills

We would like to introduce a new service to Shakori Hills provided by Dana’s Outdoor Edventures.

The best way to get the full experience of a music festival is to camp!

Dana’s Outdoor Edventures takes all of the work out of camping, allowing you the opportunity to just sit back, relax and enjoy the festival!

She will have your tents, air mattresses and chairs set up for you before you get there and break it all down when you leave.  She can even provide you with a golf umbrella…just in case.

Rates are very reasonable!

4 man Tent (sleeps 1-2 comfortably):
3 or more nights – $10/night
2 nights – $15/night
1 night – $20/night

6 man Tent (sleeps 2-3 people):
3 or more nights $15/night
2 nights – $20/night
1 night – $25/night

10 man Tent (sleeps up to 6 people):
3 or more nights $75/night
2 nights – $100/night
1 night – $125/night

Air Mattresses:

Single –
3 or more nights – $5/night
2 nights – $7.50/night
1 night – $20/night

Queen –
3 or more nights – $10/night
2 nights – $15/night
1 night – $20/night

Chairs $5/day  Heavy Duty Chair $7.50/day

Golf Umbrella $5/day

(Prices do not including festival camping fees)

Just give her a call @704-650-8508 or send her a message @ www.danasoutdooredventures.com

Shakori Hills: A Place to Play

I’ve been thinking lately about the idea of play. Real, rough and tumble, backyard with your brothers and sisters, knees dirty, deep laughter play. Sometimes I think we’ve lost the idea of play, as adults, as creatures of an intensly modern world. Then I get a chance to hug my nephew, just back from playing outside with his cousins, feel his heart beating fast and smell the dirt and sweat, and I think, I hope, “it can’t be too far away, we just need to find it again.”


Ever have trouble sleeping? Do you remember, after a full day of play, how easy it was to fall into bed and wake up only to another day? Ever feel alone? Do you remember joining a team or laughing with your best friend until you peed your pants? Feel stumped or trapped? Remember finger painting, or writing a poem, or making up a new game, finding inspiration and freedom through letting go and playing? Maybe more play is the answer we need!


This festival embodies play! After a 4-day adventure at Shakori Hills, so many people say to me that they are sad to go “back to reality.” I notice, while walking around back in the “real world,” that we don’t talk to one another, we don’t give random high fives in the grocery store, or stop to really observe what other people are doing for each other. People aren’t helping each other out of the mud, we don’t just sit around on the sidewalks and pull out our instruments for a jam. But here, we can do that. We can play! Our mission here, our agenda, our to-do list only includes playing together.


Now that these festival grounds belong to us, to the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center – which is to say – to You, I am hoping that we can bring this escape from the “real world” into our every day lives. Maybe we can even reverse the trend and make THIS the real world. We want to invite you to become the guardians of this space and to use it as you wish, as it should be used. Have you ever wanted to have a camping Yoga retreat? There is a space where you can. Want to bring more planets and constellations to your children’s nighttime gaze? Throw a celestial sky-watching convention! If you have a talent or a dream you’d like to bring to life, remember that Shakori Hills can provide a place, a reality, to let your ideas play – and to share with others.


It’s the truth. This is why we started this whole thing! Let us help you use the space you so dearly love here. We offer affordable ways to help people and organizations enjoy the magic that this place holds throughout the year. Please stay in touch, and share your intentions and ideas with us.


Life, really, should be play. Not that we shouldn’t deal with the hard parts, not that we shouldn’t help those who need it – but we should act more like we’re inviting others to play along. Sometimes when we play we get holes in our jeans, we get bruises and scrapes, we sweat and get muddy, but we are all the better for it! Begin to dream about how to bring more play into your own lives, and don’t forget that we are here to help you do so.