Smoke & Fire Requests and Tips

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Shakori Hills Smoke & Fire Requests and Tips

If you smoke at Shakori Hills…

If you smoke, please enjoy your smokes away from the crowd. We also request that you move at least 15 feet away from any festival structure (including buildings, tents, food and vendor booths, etc) and no smoking within 50 feet of festival stages and buildings. This is to maintain comfort of people with high sensitivities to smoke and possible negative health repercussions. Let’s enjoy the festival together. It is our hope that your smoking experience will be more enjoyable knowing that folks around you are not being negatively affected.

If you are thinking about having a camp fire…

The most enjoyable fire is one that burns clean and bright with very little smoke. To accomplish this, create an enclosed ring of non-burnable material (stone, brick, metal, earth) 3 feet or less in diameter. A clean burning fire should have dry, seasoned wood – refrain from using wet, green, or rotting wood or non-wood items (ie, plates, cups, trash) as these create toxic smoke. Firewood is available at our Country Store here on site.

Planned fire locations should be clear and free of flammable materials (dried grass, brush, dead wood, etc) for a distance of  15 feet (5 paces). NC fire code requires a 15 foot clearance between recreational fires and all structures and flammable material (this includes tents and buildings).

NC Fire code also requires that recreational fires are attended at all times. If you need to leave, ask your neighbors to watch your fire for you. If no one is attending a fire, move all smoldering pieces to the middle to burn down to embers, cover the embers with ashes or sand, your fire can be revived later. It is not necessary to pour water on your fire to put it out; that actually creates more smoke.

NC Fire Code also states that charcoal fires and open flame cooking devices may not be used within 10 feet of combustible structures, materials or tents. Open flame cooking devices (grills, etc) should be less than 2 feet in diameter or 3 ft squared in area.

How to build a clean-burning, enjoyable fire:

– start small, using dry tinder, twigs, slivers of dry wood and/or paper

– over the tinder, make a small teepee structure of sticks and 1-inch diameter wood

– after the fire is buring brightly add more larger size wood pieces, maintaining the teepee-like structure

–  this will burn down nicely to a bed of coals suitable for cooking or staying warm and will not leave smoldering remains that create a smoky atmosphere that we are trying to avoid

Remember it’s more fun to share a fire with your neighbors! Share the flame, share the love.

If you have any questions or need help, please talk to the nearest Camp Ranger, they are here to assist you so that we can all have an enjoyable festival.

Also, we know they are pretty, but we have to ask you not to set off those floating luminaries. We have so many trees, there’s no way to make sure they don’t get stuck and start a fire. Let’s protect our tall friends and surrounding land.

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