Camping/Visiting Chatham County

Visiting Chatham County, North Carolina

Chatham County is a great place with A LOT to offer. Check out ideas at the Pittsboro and Siler City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for when you are in the area. Don’t forget to stop by Chatham Marketplace, our locally owned co-op grocery. The Piedmont Farm Tour is a fun yearly event that invites people to check out small local farms! Visit the Chatham County Arts Council, they have a storefront in downtown Pittsboro featuring local artists’ crafts. More local artists can also be found through the Artists Guild Studio Tour. For information on the art roads and farm trails of NC go to

Camping Prices and Policies


Tent Camping

Tent camping on-site is based on price per tent (no matter how many nights). Each tent camping pass is good for a 10×10 tent/canopy/tarp or smaller, anything larger will need 2 passes. Tent campers note: there will be no tent camping without a pass for the next day, ie if you are camping Friday night, you must also have a Saturday wristband. Early tent camping (before Thursday) is an additional $10.

Tent campers without vehicle camping passes cannot drive a vehicle into the camp site, but there is a shuttle that runs from the parking lot to the tent camping areas.

Tent camping is on a first come, first serve basis. Roping to save space is not welcome!

Vehicle Camping

A vehicle camping pass (car, camper, RV, van, etc) is $86 in advance and $94 at the gate and includes space for a)1 vehicle and b)one big tent/canopy (larger than 10×10) or 2 small tents. You will receive 2 tent camping passes with your vehicle pass. Tents larger than 10×10 will require 2 passes.

Wednesday vehicle camping is an additional $10, please check in when you arrive.

If you are purchasing a vehicle camping pass, you must also have a 4-day festival pass.

Any vehicle over 25 feet will require two vehicle camping passes as space is getting more limited as the festival grows. Any trailer/vehicle  combo must have two vehicle camping stickers (ie a sticker for each vehicle). You are welcome to tow your camper to the campgrounds and park other vehicle in our main parking lot if you don’t want to buy two stickers, otherwise, you must pay to park in the campgrounds.

Large vehicle owners also note that RVs and buses 35 feet and over will be limited to the front camping area adjacent to the main parking lot.

Vehicle camping sticker needs to be displayed on each vehicle that is camping. If you are camping with a vehicle and a camper, each of them must have a sticker. If you want to park the vehicle that is towing the camper in the parking lot, you can purchase a 4-day parking pass for it.

Sorry, there are no hook-ups and generators are not allowed!

Please read further vehicle camping guidelines below.

Family/Quiet Camping Area

If you have children with you or enjoy quiet at the festival you may want to consider camping in the family/quiet camping area. Ask the parking crew where this is upon arrival.

Early Camping / Set-Up

We allow people to begin camping or set up camp beginning the Saturday before the festival. There is a $10 early set-up fee. Early Vehicle Camping is $10 per day.

If you plan to set up early or camp early, please pay your fee and pick up your camping passes upon entry to the grounds . Do not set up without receiving a camping pass! You may set up as much as you want, but you cannot rope off extra space to be used later.

Camping Guidelines

Most importantly be respectful of your neighbors and the land! Please clean up your campsites and take home with you what you brought, we appreciate it.
Please keep the following guidelines in mind so everyone can enjoy their festival experience:

  • Vehicle camping area is limited, please park closely and considerately.
  • Vehicle and tent camping in designated areas only. There are marked nature preserve areas, please respect this and do not camp here or have fires here.
  • Vehicle campers must display vehicle camping pass on your windshield or in window of camper. Sticker must be on vehicle that is camping, if you want to come in and out with a vehicle you are towing the camper etc. with you need to purchase a 4-day parking pass and park in the lot near the festival entrance.
  • Regretfully, we must enforce towing in the marked NO PARKING zones. Vehicles parked in no parking zones will be towed by a professional towing service to a parking area on-site.
  • For safety, comfort and the environment please no driving around the festival grounds. If you are using a vehicle camping pass and need to leave the festival grounds we request that you do so between 8 a.m. and noon.
  • No driving in camp sites after dark! If you arrive after dark, and wish to vehicle camp, you must camp in the vehicle camping section of the main parking lot.
  • Motorized Vehicles are not allowed, if you have special mobility needs please contact us in advance.
  • Bicycles must have lights after dark.
  • Camp Rangers are available to help you — look for people wearing Camp Ranger t-shirts.
  • Outdoor hot-water showers are available
  •  ALCOHOL POLICY: We have a No Public Display of Alcohol Policy — meaning you must keep your alcoholic beverage in a cup – bottles and cans are no longer permitted in the stage and festival areas. We will ask you to conceal your alcoholic beverage if displayed.
  • No radios, amplified music, generators or idling vehicles will be allowed.
  • Sorry, NO DOGS! Service dogs will be permitted with the appropriate insurance and documentation. Please check your dog and its paperwork at the Ticket Booth upon arrival. We will ask you to take your dog home if you do not have the proper paperwork. See below in “Nearby Lodging” for pet boarding.
  • Public intoxication and drug abuse are not acceptable and we reserve the right to (and will) intervene if we believe anyone is acting inappropriate and/or disrespectful .
  • Please take only memories, leave only footprints.


Please see the ticket booth for this year’s campfire notice. If the weather has been very dry, we will not allow fires.

Visit our Stay Warm & Breathe Easy page for our fire policies and suggestions.

Things to Bring

Instruments, cool weather and rain gear or sunblock, insect repellant, flashlight, lawn chairs, tents and bedding, sturdy footwear for dancing!

Another Camping Opportunity…

We would like to introduce a new service to Shakori Hills provided by Dana’s Outdoor Edventures.

The best way to get the full experience of a music festival is to camp!

Dana’s Outdoor Edventures takes all of the work out of camping, allowing you the opportunity to just sit back, relax and enjoy the festival!

She will have your tents, air mattresses and chairs set up for you before you get there and break it all down when you leave.  She can even provide you with a golf umbrella…just in case.

Rates are very reasonable!

2 Man Tent  (Sleeps 1) :
3 plus nights $10/night
2 nights $15/night
1 night $20/night

4 Man Tent (Sleeps 1-2) :
3 plus nights $20/night
2 nights $25/night
1 night $30/night

6 Man Tent (Sleeps 2-4):
3 plus nights $30/night
2 nights $35/night
1 night $40/night

8 Man Tent (Sleeps 4-5):
3 plus nights $40/night
2 nights $45/night
1 night $50/night

10 Man Tent (Sleeps 6-7):
3 plus nights $75/night
2 nights $125/night
1 night $175/night

Air Mattress:
Single (holds up to 220 lbs) $10/night
Queen (holds up to 500 lbs) $15/night

Regular (holds up to 220 lbs) $5/day
Heavy (holds up to 300 lbs) $10/day

Umbrellas: $5/day

Coolers: $7.50/day

Single (includes 1 pillow/case, 1 single sheet set, 1 single blanket)  $ 7.50/night
Queen (includes 2 pillows/cases, 1 queen sheet set, 1 queen blanket)  $12.50/night

(Prices do not include festival camping fees)

Just give her a call @704-650-8508 or send her a message @

If You Want to Camp, But Don’t Have Gear

This spring we are teaming up with Project Shelter. If you decide to camp at the festival, but don’t have any gear, you can also rent gear from them! Find out more about how to do that, and more about this great organization here!

The Festival Site

Before you get to Shakori, learn the lay of the land.

The Festival takes place on a stunning 75 acre farmstead in Chatham County, North Carolina. Quiet trails, sunny fields, stately oak trees, charming campsites, and all the amenities to enjoy a special day or weekend in the country. Nestled in the heart of Chatham County NC, Shakori Hills is centrally located in the state and an easy drive from everywhere! Get directions to Shakori Hills.

Shakori Hills is committed to having environmentally healthy events, we are working to reduce trash and we need YOUR help with this. The Earth needs more beauty and less garbage. We are going to have fun with less garbage, please join us!

LEAVE NO TRACE bring the slogan of wilderness camping to the festival. Intend to make no garbage and definitely to leave no garbage.

RECYCLE, REUSE, or COMPOST IT. Food vendors are using all compostable utensils and paper products this Spring! Please put all food waste, paper products and utensils from food vendors in the compost containers at the food court. Place your plastic, glass and aluminum in recycling containers and please do not put trash in the compost!

USE LESS PLASTIC. Bring bags that you can re-use. Fill up water bottles (or jars) for free at tap sites in the food court or at the well spigots.

BRING UTENSILS, CUPS, MUGS. Make your campsite grande and have a dishwashing station and decorate it!

  • Ice, water bottles and jars, and sundries are available in the Coffee Barn.
  • Hot showers are located down the back road, behind the kitchen.
  • ATM is located near the CD/T-Shirt Booth
  • First aid and medical transport is provided 24 hours a day by FirstHealth of Chatham County
  • The Chatham County Sheriff’s Department is on hand all weekend, and volunteers help keep an eye on things around the festival grounds.
  • For all general information come to the ticket booth — if you have any questions or need help with something, or if you need security and don’t see someone in the general area, please come to the ticket booth and someone there can help you.
  • Disabled? We have reserved parking and accessible toilet facilities. If you need extra assistance, please contact us, we’ll be glad to discuss your needs.

Nearby Lodging

These bed and breakfasts have been kind enough to support the GrassRoots Festival. Give them a call and enjoy some great hospitality!

Some other links to try for nearby accommodations:


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