Spring 2014

Barbara Barnes Live Art

barbara4Barbara Barnes will be joining us again this spring, wandering the grounds and capturing the beauty and magic of the festival in real time, creating realistic images of people in motion with pencils and paper in seconds to minutes. Band and group portraits may take a little longer and some of her drawn images and prints will be available in the locations she is creating art! Feel free to contact her to set up a time and location to draw you, your band, activity, dance, friends and loved ones at Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance before April 18th at During the festival, you can reach her at 919-923-1972. Barbara accepts donations for her work and passes a percentage of that on back to the festival. We welcome her and hope you will enjoy seeing this dedicated artist in action!

Eli Thomas Landscape Imagery

The application of paint to canvas drips a myriad of images forming a panorama of earth, wind, fire and water. To experience the painting of Eli Thomas is to discover the oral traditions and cultural symbols of the Onondago Nation. Stop by and see a grandfather’s shoulders create the ridges of hills, or a horizon touching clouds of wolves with birds ?as their eyes. With each painting, Eli provides an oral history of Native American traditions and spirituality: everything is more than it seems. Indigenous Crafts Area, Near the Pond, Throughout the Festival

Glass Blowing with Locally Grown Art

glassblowingdemo.smChatham Studio Tour artist and glassblowing instructor Jonathan Davis will be creating blown glass sculptures throughout the weekend. Join the performance as he and his apprentices spin, shape and blow molten
glass using a 5,000 degree torch! These fascinating demonstrations take place from noon and run into late evening. Also, be on the look out for this festival’s light
installation near the demonstration area. For more information, please visit and Near the Coffee Barn, throughout the Festival

Pottery with Sarah Howe

potterydemo.smFind Sarah Howe happily ensconced in her favorite al fresco studio under the giant oak tree between by the Coffee Barn, surrounded by children of all ages trying their hands at throwing pottery on the extra wheel. Watch pots bloom from a lump of clay! Sarah brings extra clay to share, and samples of her wares are available – take something home as a special reminder of the Festival or use it around your campfire. Near the Coffee Barn, throughout the Festival