Spring 2015

Pottery with Sarah Howe

Sarah Howe returns this Spring to her favorite spot under the giant Oak between the Coffee Barn and Carrom tent. Watch pots bloom from a lump of clay and try your hand at it, too. Open daylight and fair weather from as soon as she can get there until exhaustion! Let Sarah know if you want her to bring something particular to add to your pottery collection. sarah(at) Tree beside the Coffee Barn, Throughout the Festival

Eli Thomas Landscape Imagery

The application of paint to canvas drips a myriad of images forming a panorama of earth, wind, fire and water. To experience the painting of Eli Thomas is to discover the oral traditions and cultural symbols of the Onondaga Nation. Stop by and see a grandfather’s shoulders create the ridges of hills, or a horizon touching clouds of wolves with birds as their eyes. With each painting, Eli provides an oral history of Native American traditions and spirituality: everything is more than it seems. Indigenous Crafts Area, Near the Pond, Throughout the Festival


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