Fall 2014

Black Ash Basket Weaving with Jamin Uticone

Handmade Black Ash baskets were once as common and important as the potatoes, corn and berries they carried. Replaced today by commercially mass-produced containers, quality ash baskets and their makers are becoming rare. Fortunately, great artists continue to share their knowledge of this thousand year-old craft. Shakori Hills is honored to have basket maker, author and educator, Jamin Uticone with us again this festival. His work is on permanent display in the Smithsonian American Art Museum and can be purchased at Near the Coffee Barn, Throughout the Festival

Mayan Weaving with Miriam Gomez

Myth has it that Our Mother Moon, the goddess Ixchel, taught the first woman how to weave at the beginning of time. Since then, Maya mothers have taught their daughters, from generation to generation uninterruptedly for three thousand years, how to weave exquisite cloth. Visit Mayan Weaving in the Indigenous Crafts area (near the dance tent), to see how Miriam Gomez stitches their beautiful products thread by thread in the traditional hand-woven way. Indigenous Crafts Area, Throughout the Festival

Glass Blowing with Locally Grown Art

glassblowingdemo.smChatham Studio Tour artist and glassblowing instructor Jonathan Davis will be creating blown glass sculptures throughout the weekend. Join the performance as he and his apprentices spin, shape and blow molten glass using a 5,000 degree torch! These fascinating demonstrations take place from noon and run into late evening. Also, be on the look out for this festival’s light installation near the demonstration area. For more information, please visit and Near the Coffee Barn, throughout the Festival