Healing Arts

Movement Tent

Movement Tent workshops are open to all experience levels and walks of life! Modifications and assists will be offered to deepen and individualize the practice for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement and bring water. A yoga mat, blanket or towel is a good idea for yoga and pilates classes.

Healing Arts

Skilled practitioners from around the country will be offering different modalities of massage and bodywork therapy in the Healing Arts Area. Natural healing and gentle care for (non-life threatening) injuries and other health concerns will also be available.

After walking around the festival to catch your favorite acts, dancing all night, and camping, create balance in your festival weekend by visiting the HEALING ARTS AREA. You might choose a massage, acupuncture, Craniosacral therapy, energy work, a chiropractic adjustment, or simply a few moments of rest in this peaceful space.  Experience a variety of holistic health modalities, with treatments offered (for a fee) by practitioners from many healing traditions.

Located near the Fire Circle and the Movement Tent, the Healing Arts Area is open 10am – 6pm Friday and Saturday, 10am-4pm Sunday. Later or earlier appointments can be scheduled with available practitioners. After-hours contact info will be posted at the Healing Arts information table along with individual practitioners’ names and prices.

Practitioners available throughout the weekend include:

Dr. Roxanne Hollander, DC – Chiropractic
Melanie Diana, LAc – Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs
Ione Linker, LMBT – Massage, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Consultation Edwin Nothnagel, RCST, LMBT – Craniosacral Therapy
Michael J. Savino, LMBT – Massage, Shiatsu
Nancy Loeffler – Samyama, Heart-Centered Meditation
Cynthia Flowers, LMBT – Craniosacral Therapy
Jenn Browning, LMBT – Massage
Graham Whitley – Sacred Heart Meditation
…..and many more

If you are interested in being a participant in the Healing Arts Area, please see our: Healing Arts Vendor Application / Info Page