Healing Arts

HealingArts_LotusThe Healing Arts Area is a section of the festival, in the middle of it all, yet shielded by trees in a peaceful glade where festival-goers can go to escape and explore a wide array of healing practices. From movement classes designed for body, mind and spirit, to hands-on healing by trained practitioners, you will be soothed and made strong and ready to take on life (and the festival). Come visit!

Movement Tent

MovementTent_S15©ElizabethLarsonMovement Tent workshops are open to all experience levels and walks of life! Modifications and assists will be offered to deepen and individualize the practice for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement and bring water. A yoga mat, blanket or towel is a good idea for yoga and Pilates classes.

Movement Tent Schedule Spring 2016

Healing Arts – Healers

MassageSign_F11©KevinMJamesVisit the Healing Arts Area to unwind and heal your body from all that dancing! Skilled practitioners from near and far will be offering massage, shiatsu, Ayurvedic medicine and other bodywork therapy. Natural healing and gentle care for (non-life threatening) injuries and other health concerns will also be available.

The Healing Arts Area is open 9am-6pm. Later or earlier appointments can be scheduled with available practitioners. After- hours contact info will be posted at the Healing Arts information table along with individual practitioners’ names and prices. We will also be offering related classes

If you are interested in being a participant in the Healing Arts Area, please see our: Healing Arts Vendor Application / Info Page

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