Kids & Family

Shakori Hills is great for families! The festival is a rich, interactive experience for children of all ages, with several special activities for kids throughout the weekend.

Near the heart of the festival grounds is the Kid’s Zone. Hands-on art projects, performances, group activities, story telling, face painting, a climbing wall and a Saturday afternoon parade! The kids village is organized by fun and creative festival volunteers. Interested in helping? Volunteer! Also check out our Kids Area Wish List to see if you may have anything lying around that could make the tent more enjoyable.

Exploring the farm is encouraged for older children — parents know they can depend on a nurturing, attentive festival staff and community to keep a watchful eye.

Camping families can choose to settle down in our quiet camping zone, a peaceful cove that is perfect for, well, quiet camping! Ask at the ticket booth when you check in.

Youth tickets (ages 13-15) are available at a reduced price, and kids 12 and under get in free!

Spring 2015 Kids & Family Info…


Here’s a printable PDF of the Kids’ Tent Schedule.

Seedlings & Sprouts

An area especially designed for families with children age 10 and under. This Spring look forward to the return of poi dance, tie-dye, crowns and tambourines, parade, hooping and interactive art around the kids tent! Come play in the sand pile or grab a make-and-take craft or a game “to go.” Bring a book or several to share with the Shakori Hills Kids library, and check the website for updated schedules, activities and wish lists.  Kids Tent Hours: Friday 9am-7pm; Saturday 9am-7pm; Sunday 9am-5pm

Seedlings Play-Time

This special programming is for the 5-and-under crowd. Join us for story/circle time, interactive hands-on centers, activities and special guests. Check the Kids Tent schedule for activity times. Kids Tent, Friday-Sunday 11am-2pm

Special Activities Tent

Face-painting and interactive arts and interests area. Donations accepted with proceeds to benefit the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center. Kids Tent, Friday-Sunday 1pm – 6pm
Pirate Stories & Legends – Friday 5:30pm
Shakori Family Bingo – Saturday 5:30pm

Kids & Family Activities

Freewheelin’ Mamas

Both children and adults will recognize some of their favorite songs. See expanded bio in the band bios section. Cabaret Tent, Saturday 12:30pm

Tim Wells

Movement, rhythm, hand and finger play games, and great songs for kids; all of this and more is what you can expect from a children’s program with Tim Wells. With more than a dozen years as a classroom teacher and early childhood entertainer/educator, Tim brings a deep well of knowledge and experience to his work with young children. Come one come all and enjoy singing and movement with your children ages 2-7. Cabaret Tent, Saturday 10am

The Lion on the Path

The Triangle Home Nursery Puppeteers invite you to travel with us to Africa and experience an exciting folktale with music and dance about two cousins who meet a hungry lion. The puppeteers include: Marie Nordgren from A Children’s Garden, Brigitte Schubert of Little Gnome Nursery, Joya Matza of Morning Song Nursery, Anne Mandeville-Long of Morning Song Nursery, Larissa Oryshkevich from Hearts in Harmony, Heidi Watkins of SunStar Nursery and Rebecca Slaughter of Appleseeds Nursery. Cabaret Tent, Sunday 10:30am

Roger Day

What does a former camp counselor who studied German and spent ten years playing college coffeehouses do with his life? Write and sing award-winning children’s music, of course. Roger Day takes inspiration from The Beatles, U2 and even The Clash. A two-time Parents’ Choice® Gold Award winner, Roger’s skilled musicianship combines with his wit and wordplay to create a musical experience that parents enjoy as much as their kids. His concerts are action-filled adventures that exercise both mind AND muscle. His infectiously funny concerts inspire each child to discover his and her own talents, give flight to the imagination; to DREAM BIG and SHAKE UP YOUR BRAIN! Cabaret Tent, Sunday 1pm

Stories of the Onondaga Nation

Eli Thomas is a teacher. He loves sharing his personal experiences through his artwork, featured this festival in the Indigenous Crafts Area, as well as storytelling. Eli also teaches on all levels—from elementary to the university level. He believes that good teaching inspires students to consider new concepts and provokes their curiosity so they may venture beyond their familiar neighborhood into a larger more dynamic world. Stop in and listen to Eli’s stories to travel the path of Haudenosaunee cultural experience in search of universal truths. Cabaret Tent, Friday 12:30pm

The Bucket Brothers

The Bucket Brothers – Logan and Casey Valleroy – have been captivating Triangle audiences for four years. See their description in the next section, “The Outpost” for more information! Cabaret Tent, Sunday 2:30pm

Family Fusion Dance Workshop

Be part of this fun and educational social dance class for families that focuses on the basic fundamentals and benefits of social dancing. We encourage participants to explore and discover their own creativity and expression on the dance floor. You will learn basic dance patterns from popular social dances like swing, salsa, cha cha, merengue and more. This is a chance for families to dance together and experience the joy of communication through movement. Come get your groove on and boogie with the Dancin’ Family of GrassRoots. Our program is ideal for all ages and dance levels. Taught by Aubrey Griffith-Zill. Dance Tent, Friday 11am

Spread Your Musical Wings

The Angel Band Foundation will share music education with our youth at Shakori Hills! We will bring together musicians of all ages, experience and instruments to create a magical, musical atmosphere! 45-minute workshops feature: Sing-a-long songs, world instrument introductions, rhythm/percussion experiments and Appalachian folk music.  We will stimulate individual growth as well as hold group jam sessions. Bring your children and any fun-time instruments they favor to play and share, or use any of our wide variety of instruments. Come Spread Your Musical Wings with The Angel Band Foundation and witness the musicians of tomorrow!  Children under 10 at the Kids Tent, Friday 3pm; Ages 10+ at The Outpost, Sunday 1pm

Casey’s Laugh & Learn

Join Casey Nees, an award-winning science programmer and storyteller for the INSANE Science of Energy! Lightning, Tornadoes and Rockets, oh my! With 20+ years as a children’s performer and educator Casey has shared his madcap vision at festivals, schools and libraries. He recently received two national awards for making Durham County Library the first public library to launch a capsule into space, and he believes that every child should be encouraged to reach for the stars. Cabaret Tent, Friday 2pm

Mr. Mark & Friends

North Carolina native kids entertainer and educator, Mr. Mark, aka Mark Dannon Herbert will be providing fun, interactive children’s music that the whole family will enjoy. Mr. Mark’s show combines educational themes with puppetry, costumes and musical instruments that will get the crowd singing and dancing along. Much of this year’s musical focus will be on songs about nature and Earth Day, as he performs as the character “The Rapping Red Oak.” Cabaret Tent, Friday 11:15am

Story Jam

Story Jam is back! Join renowned story-tellers Casey Nees, Cynthia Raxter and Machai St. Rain for some big story fun, celebrating the muse, the talker and the tall-tale-teller. Perfect for kids of all ages! Cabaret Tent, Sunday 11:45am

Kids Rise & Shine Yoga

Come start the day with stretching, breathing, flowing and relaxing in this yoga class for children of all ages (parents are also welcome to join in or watch while sipping coffee!). No need to bring mats, just come with an open mind and open heart. Various instructors each day. Cabaret Tent, Friday 10am, Saturday and Sunday 9am

Compost Theatre

A Compost Theatre in the Cabaret Tent? For kids of ALL ages? Yes! Come explore the magic, humor and joy of turning our food waste back into dirt, with the oddest cast of characters! It’s fun to develop your inner composter…we promise! Cabaret Tent, Saturday 11:15am

Interactive Performance by AcroEntertainment

Stretch, jump around and be amazed at this interactive performance! Kaci and Katie combine acrobatic strength with graceful movements to bring you an experience you don’t want to miss. Children of all ages welcome! Kids Tent, Saturday 12pm


Throughout the weekend you will find boards and displays near and around the kids tent and the sand pit with paint, chalk, markers, weaving, and matte board art. Create, add to, or produce your own added art to these collaborative endeavors. Express yourself! Kids Tent, Workshops: Fri 3:30pm, Saturday 4pm & Sunday 1:30pm

Three Sisters Garden Planting

Have you heard of the Three Sisters? It is a Native American legend which refers to corn, beans and squash. These beautiful sisters are known as the sustainers of life; they grow together, each one protecting the others. We’ll share the story then move on to the garden to plant the sisters in Shakori Hills’ community growing space. Meet at the Kids Tent, Saturday 3pm

Kids Creating Poetry

Find your literary voice in this fun mini-workshop that demonstrates the basic use of descriptive language, rhyme and verse. We’ll offer tips, examples and help, then follow it up with a performance where you kids take the stage to share your art as part of the festival. Kids Tent, Friday & Sunday 12pm

Magical Crowns and Tambourines

Join our fabulous Karen and Friends for this annual parade readiness craft. Create natural, magical crowns and tambourines to celebrate Spring and have suitable parade attire. Always fun and festive! Kids Tent, Sunday, 11:30am

Kids’ Arts & Crafts Bazaar

Calling all people 15 and under! Spread out your blanket, and sell your own hand-made arts and crafts. Rules & information in the festival program, or email Sign-in and set-up 30 minutes prior to start time. Near the Kids Tent, Saturday 3-5pm & Sunday 11am-1pm

Kids Hooping Playshop

Stop by this hands-and-hips-on movement playshop consisting of basic hooping techniques and movement. No experience is necessary. Help decorate and share the Kids Tent hoops or bring your own. Ages 6-12 years. Kids Tent, Friday 1pm

Hatha Children’s Yoga

Children of all ages and their care takers come and take a trip on a hot air balloon to the yoga zoo and then into outer space. These easy and thoughtfully crafted yoga sequences will keep the attention of young and old. Led by Montessori teacher Leslie Cottrell. Movement Tent, Saturday 11am

Children’s Poi Workshop

Join Albert, Nick & Friends to make your own Poi. Then stick around and learn some basic moves with them to music. Poi refers to both a performance art and the tools used for it. Poi are tethered weights swung through the air in different rhythmical and geometrical patterns. Kids Tent, Friday 2:30pm, Saturday 10am & Sunday 11am

Tie-Dye and Retro Crafts with Vic

Join Vic and his helpful crew as we tie-dye, stamp and create small and large art.  Explore some new retro crafts and help make a super-large tie-dye tapestry. Stop in for some groovy, messy art! Bring your own shirts, or use provided bandanas. For all ages.  Kids Tent, Saturday 2:30pm & Sunday 12:30pm

Wonderful Worms

Join the Grand Trees of Chatham for a fun afternoon learning about a tree’s best friend… the earthworm! We will spend some time getting to know these amazing little creatures and   discover why worms and trees get along so well. We will create some worm artwork and then   release our worms into the wild where they can make friends with the beautiful trees here at Shakori Hills! Ages five and under. Meet at the Kids Tent, Friday 1pm

The Outpost

The Outpost is an area for young people—stop by and see what’s happening! Guitar and instrument workshops, tie-dye making, circus arts, improv workshops, DJ dancing, board and table games, Open Mic, teen dance and lots more! You might even learn a thing or two. The Outpost is for people ages 10 to 18.  Friday 11am – midnight ; Saturday 10am – midnight; Sunday, 10am – 6pm

Here’s a printable PDF of the Outpost Schedule.

Tribal Games

Play! It’s common to all people, tribes and even seems to be how many animals learn and develop skills to survive. We’ll play some games that will engage balance, finesse, teamwork and hand-eye coordination. The Outpost, Saturday 3pm

Make Your Own Footbag

Footbags are a fun and challenging way to juggle. First developed by a knee doctor for physical therapy, his Hacky Sacks went on to create a national phenomenon and growing sport. Juggle with your feet or squeeze with hands for strength training. Let us show you how to easily make your own personally-designed footbag. The Outpost, Friday 12pm & Saturday 11am

Nature Stroll

This stroll will take you on a short walk around the pond, noticing and identifying some of the many creatures, insects, aquatic life and plants that call these Shakori Hills woods home. Anika will be your guide on this discovery quest to learn more about the life forms that surround us. All ages are welcome. Meet at The Outpost, Sunday 12pm

Circus FUNdamentals with AcroEntertainment

Learn the basics of circus with Katie and Kaci of AcroEntertainment. This class covers ?juggling fundamentals and basic acrobatics. We will work in groups and with ?partners. Bring an open mind and wear clothes you can work in upside-down! ?The Outpost, Saturday 4:30pm

Aerial Skills with Liz Bliss

Liz Bliss dances through the air—soaring upwards, spiraling downwards and maneuvering her body into the most unimaginable of positions. Stop by this workshop to find out her secrets (well, some of them) and take a shot at it yourself! Liz currently teaches aerial dance, aerial conditioning, partner yoga and acro play, hooping, circus ?arts and fire safety. She believes that every body is beautiful and everybody moves. Oak Tree beside the Outpost, Saturday 5pm

Headspin Hooptroupe

Come join this funky flow tribe from Greensboro, NC. Their game is dazzling audiences with synchronized hoop dance performances! When the group isn’t busy performing around the U.S., these “flowhemians” show love for their city through hooping and teaching at many community events. This festival’s workshops include hooping skills on Friday and make-your-own hoop on Saturday. The skills class focuses on how to begin and move beyond basic hooping. These expert spinners will show you some of the latest techniques and inspire ideas to create your own moves, then amaze you with theirs, during their LED-lit evening performance. The Outpost, Workshops: Friday 5pm & Saturday 11am, Performance: Saturday 10pm

Body Painting

Stephanie Davis brings face and body painting to the Outpost Saturday afternoon. Her company, Happy’s Faces, has been entertaining at festivals, functions and parties throughout southern Virginia and North Carolina, leaving smiles on fantastic faces wherever she goes. All paints are professional grade, hypoallergenic body paint. Stephanie will create fashionable festival designs for the teens at The Outpost, Saturday 12pm-2pm & 3pm-5pm

Big Kid Games

The games are back! Bring your friends and make some new ones. Challenge your dexterity and strategy skills in these fun, full-body games. The Outpost, Friday 2pm & Saturday 12pm

Punch Card Scavenger Hunt

This festival-wide game will lead you through a series of clues to find various stations around the festival where you will “punch your card.” Get all the holes punched then return for a prize. We recommend teaming up with a buddy or two for your hunt. Meet at The Outpost, Saturday 11am-2pm

Make Your Own Tech Wraps

Take any phone charger or ear bud cord and customize it with individually wrapped designs! It strengthens the cord and makes it uniquely yours. Bring your own device accessory. The Outpost, Friday 3pm & Sunday 11am

Make Your Own Tie-Dye with H2O

A hands-on, get-messy hour of fun! Join Julie Hardy of H2O Tie-Dye for this workshop ?to fold and tie your own tie-dye design with the color combination of your choice. ?You’ll leave with a colorful creation you can take home. We’ll provide shirts for ?dyeing or you can bring your own 100% cotton shirt. Limited to first 25 participants, ?sign-up sheet opens at noon. The Outpost, Friday 1pm

The Roostercrats

Composed from a variety of folk rock musicians from NC and VA, The Roostercrats formed at the Martinsville Roosterwalk Music Festival. Stokes County’s Maya Burgess, winner of the 2013 Shakori Hills band competition and Youth Rock Artist of the Year at the Carolina Music Awards, met members of Left Hip Pocket and found an immediate musical kinship. Watch these young talents combine to create a new sound steeped in tradition and bursting forth with originality and fun. The Outpost, Friday 6pm

Improv Workshop: Make a Scene

Maya Burgess has been performing for audiences in North Carolina and Virginia with Once Upon a Blueridge Theatre for eight years. She has been an actress, stage manager and assistant director; she has helped teach drama classes and summer camps. Maya is 16 years old and plans to make a career in musical theater. Come with a creative spirit and an open mind, prepared to make a scene!  The Outpost, Saturday 1pm

Open Mic with Roostercrats

Bring out your instruments, best voice and friends, and take center stage! Maya Burgess’ band, The Roostercrats, hosts with visits from special guests throughout the evening.  Open Jam intended for young musicians only. The Outpost, Saturday 8pm

Mason Via

Mason Via is a talented song-writer and multi-instrumentalist from North Carolina, making his mark across the region in coffee houses, concert venues and festivals and was the winner of Shakori Hills’ Fall 2014 band contest. With an impressive group of supporting musicians, you will hear an eclectic blend of funky folk, blues and jazz influenced covers that will make you want to get up and boogie. But his original compositions are the most surprising! Check out his first CD, They Call Me Mason. The Outpost, Friday 8pm

Blues Guitar 102: The Next Step

This workshop invites young musicians to take a step further into the blues. Learn the basic structure of this American style of music, then move beyond into alternate chords. We’ll demonstrate and teach the practice of using scales to solo and offer jam session tips. The Outpost, Saturday 4pm

Primitive Instruments Workshop

We’ll take a hands-on look at our ancestors’ music-making tools. Have you ever created a backbeat with some rib bones or a melody with bamboo? Eclectic musician, James Olin Oden, will lead you through this introductory workshop. Instruments provided. The Outpost, Friday 4pm

The Bucket Brothers

The Bucket Brothers – Logan and Casey Valleroy – have been captivating Triangle audiences for four years. Ages 11 and 15, the brothers showcase sophisticated jazz arrangements, seamless improvisation and dynamic original tunes. Fans enthuse over their “amazing musicianship, composure and stage presence.” Logan hasn’t met a stringed instrument he can’t master, while Casey’s nimble piano playing and percussive riffs round out the band’s smooth sound. Profiled in Our State Magazine, The Bucket Brothers have performed at the Carrboro Music Festival, with Paperhand Puppet Intervention, on WUNC radio and at charity events. The Outpost, Saturday 6pm

Photo Booth

Stop by the Outpost Photo Booth and shoot a “selfie” with your friends to commemorate the day. Send a snapchat, share with a friend or post to The Outpost Facebook Page. Goofballs welcome; props provided. The Outpost, Sunday 5pm

HoopDrum Jam

Gear up for the parade with Jewels and Scott Crews for a hoop and drum jam to get you in the spirit. Bring your favorite instrument of magic (hoops, poi, drums, flags).  Near the Kids Area, Sunday 1:40pm

Paperhand Puppet Intervention & MarchFourth! Band Parade

Come along on the magical journey through the festival! Bring your noisemakers, don your snazziest festival garb, and join Paperhand Puppet Intervention and the March Fourth! Band in this Shakori Hills Celebration! Parade starts at the Kids Area, Sunday 2pm

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