Kids & Family

Shakori Hills is great for families! The festival is a rich, interactive experience for children of all ages, with several special activities for kids throughout the weekend.

Near the heart of the festival grounds is the Kid’s Zone. Hands-on art projects, performances, group activities, story telling, face painting, a climbing wall and a Saturday afternoon parade! The kids village is organized by fun and creative festival volunteers. Interested in helping? Volunteer! Also check out our Kids Area Wish List to see if you may have anything lying around that could make the tent more enjoyable.

Exploring the farm is encouraged for older children — parents know they can depend on a nurturing, attentive festival staff and community to keep a watchful eye.

Camping families can choose to settle down in our quiet camping zone, a peaceful cove that is perfect for, well, quiet camping! Ask at the ticket booth when you check in.

Youth tickets (ages 13-15) are available at a reduced price, and kids 12 and under get in free!


Spring 2014 Kids & Family Info…

Read the descriptions and times of all kids’ activities below or download a pdf of the schedule here:

Click for: Kids Tent Schedule

Click for: Outpost Schedule


Seedlings & Sprouts

An area specially designed for families with children age 10 and under. This Spring look forward to the return of of poi dance, tie-dye, dream intention seed pots, hooping, rockets and so much more! Come play in the sand pile, make a sculpture, paint, doodle, or grab a make-and-take craft to go. Bring a book or several to share with the Shakori Kids Lending Library. Kids Tent: Thursday 5:30-7pm; Friday 9am-7pm; Saturday 9am-7pm; Sunday 9am-5pm

Seedlings Play-Time

Join us for this special programming time for the five-and-under crowd. Seedlings offers interactive, hands-on centers, activities and special guests. Little ones can participate in activities like play-dough, cloud-painting, sand art, tissue stained glass and of course, story time. Check the Kids Tent schedule for activity times.

Kids Tent, Friday-Sunday 11am-2pm
Meet & Greet Games & Stories – Thursday 5:30pm
Face Painting – Friday-Sunday 12-6pm
Big Story Tales – Friday 6-7:30pm
Shakori Bingo – Saturday 5-7pm
Smoothie Queen Bike Machine – Friday & Saturday 12-6pm (Free from 12-2pm)

Shakori Kids’ Market

Calling all people 15 and under! Spread out your blanket and sell your own hand-made arts and crafts. Click here for information and rules, or email Sign-up & Set-up 30 minutes prior. Near the Kids Tent, Saturday 3-5pm & Sunday 11am – 1pm 

Elkland Art Center’s “The Runaway”

“The Runaway” is based on the true story of a bank teller, his best friends (a snake and a mouse) and the last day the Virginia Creeper Train tooted through Todd. With one last chance to take the money and run, what will he do? This Elkland Art Center original puppet play is written by Cindy Ball, with puppeteers Martha Enzmann and Lexie Danner and musical accompaniment by Joshua Greene. Cabaret Tent, Saturday 11:45am

The Healing Force

THF2014The Healing Force features Joseph and Gail Anderson, their daughter Sonji, and their son Karim. This family of performers/educators has been offering their special brand of music and storytelling in communities all over North Carolina and the U.S. for the past 20 years. They’ve traveled the country and abroad, sharing cultural education and enlightenment through traditional West African music, drumming, dancing, and storytelling. The Healing Force makes their motto, “Serving the Community Through the Arts” come alive! Cabaret Tent, Sunday 2pm

The Bulltown Strutters

BullTown.webThe Bulltown Strutters are a community parade band bringing the street band traditions of New Orleans to their own home in Durham. This eclectic group will have you parading, dancing and merry-making in no-time! This Cabaret show will lead into the Big Puppet Parade. Cabaret Tent, Saturday 1pm

The Hungry Cat

Winning of Kwelanga 015Come visit an lively Norwegian Tale, brought to life with rhyme and with lovely handmade standing and knotted puppets, lively drumming and the puppeteers of The Triangle Home Nursery Association. A performance for all ages! The Triangle Home Nursery Association is a cooperative group of home nursery preschool teachers offering play and nature-based programs for children 2 – 5 years. Cabaret Tent, Friday 10:15am

Stories of the Onondaga Nation

Eli Thomas is a teacher. He loves sharing his personal experiences through his artwork, featured this festival in the Indigenous Crafts Area, as well as storytelling. Eli also teaches on all levels—from elementary to the university level. He believes that good teaching inspires students to consider new concepts and provokes their curiosity so they may venture beyond their familiar neighborhood into a larger more dynamic world. Stop in and listen to Eli’s stories to travel the path of Haudenosaunee cultural experience in search of universal truths. Cabaret Tent, Sunday 12:45pm

Luv2Act Participatory Performance

luv2act.smThis children’s theater company has been co-creating shows with children around the world for the last 12 years. This festival they will be adding their creative spice to the Shakori Hills pot by running daily drama and dance workshops for children from age 6-13. The workshops will culminate in a fun-filled performance on the Cabaret Stage. This is a great opportunity for all the little superstars who just love to get down, dress up and create drama! Workshop: Kids Tent, Friday 2pm & Saturday 4pm; Performance: Cabaret Tent, Sunday 11:30am

Freewheelin’ Mamas

freewheelinmamas.smThe Freewheelin’ Mamas are from the mountains of Asheville, NC, where they delight crowds of all ages with their unique take on music both traditional and contemporary. They are so excited to be performing at Shakori Hills again this spring! Come share in the magic of their beautiful harmonies! Both children and adults will recognize some of their favorite songs. Cabaret Tent, Friday 2:15pm

Walker Street Fiddlers

The Walker Street Fiddlers is a diverse group of young musicians from ?third grade through high school whose common thread is their love of music—particularly traditional Irish and American fiddle tunes. They’re currently comprised of 28 students from a dozen different schools in the region. Cabaret Tent, Sunday 10am

Tim Wells

Five Peas in a Pod, Trot Old Joe, The Illy-Ally-Oh, and the Belly Button Snatcher—what do these things all have in common? You can learn to play each of these fun children’s games and songs during this fun hour. Join Tim, a veteran early childhood educator and long-time GrassRoots entertainer, for this fun and engaging program geared for children ?ages 3-6. Cabaret Tent, Friday 10:15am

Compost Cabaret

composttheaterYes, compost can be fun enough to be the theme of a fascinatingly silly cabaret show.  A solo spin-off of Compost Theatre, Lisa Fernandez of Hector, New York will have you wondering what compost-curious or wise character will appear next. Oh, so captivating for all ages!. Cabaret Tent, Friday 11:30am


Join Crazy Casey and Friends for all things egg. We will make art, learn some science, and have an overall celebration on Sunday. Friday’s activity is to make giant paper mache eggs that will light up your tent. Curious? Come check it out! For ages 5 and up. Kids Tent, Friday 3pm & Sunday 1:30 pm

Kids Hooping Playshop

Join us for a this hands-and-hips-on movement playshop consisting of basic hooping techniques and movement. No experience is necessary. Help decorate and share the Kids Tent hoops or bring your own. Ages 6-12 years. Kids Tent, Friday 3pm

Children’s Poi Workshop

Join Albert, Nick and Friends and make your own Poi. Then stick around and learn some basic moves with them to music. Poi refers to both a performance art and the tools used for it. Poi are tethered weights swung through a variety of rhythmical and geometrical patterns. Kids Tent, Friday 12pm & Sunday 11am

Groovin’ Ballroom Dancing

Be part of this fun, safe, and educational social dance class for families that focuses on the basic fundamentals and benefits of social dancing. We encourage participants to explore and discover their own creativity and expression on the dance floor. You will learn basic dance patterns from popular social dances like swing, salsa, cha cha, merengue and more. This is a chance for families to dance together and experience the joy of communication through movement. Come get your groove on, and boogie with the Dancin’ Family of GrassRoots. Our program is ideal for all ages and dance levels. Taught by Aubrey Griffith-Zill.  Cabaret Tent, Friday 1pm

Spread Your Musical Wings

The Angel Band Foundation will share music education with our youth at Shakori Hills! We will bring together musicians of all ages, experience and instruments to create a magical, musical atmosphere! 45-minute workshops feature:  Sing-a-long songs, world instrument introductions, rhythm/percussion experiments and Appalachian folk music.  We will stimulate individual growth and group jam sessions. Bring your children and any fun-time instruments they favor to play and share, or use any of our wide variety of instruments. Come Spread Your Musical Wings with The Angel Band Foundation and witness the musicians of tomorrow!  Children under 10 at the Kids Tent, Friday 4pm; Ages 10+ at The Outpost, Sunday 2pm

Children’s Music & Dance Hour

This class invites attendees to tap into their imaginations with a series of fun movements that will incorporate humming, vocal sounds & instrument rhythms—blending cross-kinesiology, belly and traditional dance, vocal and instrument harmonies. For ages 0-12.  Led by Jo Wohlfeld. Movement Tent, Sunday 10am; Cabaret Tent, Saturday 9am

Children’s Piccolo Rodeo

Come share a half hour of music and movement with your little one in a playful setting – no musical experience required! Our goal is not to teach songs or learn to play instruments, although we’ll have plenty of both in our class. Instead, we’ll be promoting socialization, language learning, bonding, and most importantly, having fun by singing and playing music together. For ages 0-4. Led by Carrie Boone. Cabaret Tent, Friday 9am; Movement Tent, Sunday 2pm

Kids Rise and Shine Yoga

Come start the day off with Julie Wells, with stretching, breathing, flowing and relaxing in this yoga class for children of all ages (parents are also welcome to join in or watch while sipping coffee!). No need to bring mats, just come with an open mind and open heart. Cabaret Tent, Sunday 9am

Music Explorium Puppet and Percussion Fun

Join Cathy Kielar and Harriet the Hare in interactive puppet and percussion fun. Stories, songs and percussion games make this show a blast for all ages. Kids Tent, Friday 1pm

Playin’ the Bones and Other Primitive Instruments

James Olin Oden’s performances take you on a musical journey that spans the globe and time. In this special workshop for kids, he’ll teach how to play bones, antlers and other great “clacky” instruments. Whistles will make an appearance, too, and you’ll get to check out his eclectic collection of drums and other primitive instruments. Bones and antlers provided! Kids Tent, Saturday 3:30pm

Tie-Dye and Retro Crafts with Vic

Join Vic and his helpful crew as we tie-dye, stamp and create small and large art. Explore some new retro crafts and help make a super-large tie-dye tapestry. Stop in for some groovy, messy art! Bring your own shirts, or use provided bandanas. For all ages. Kids Tent, Saturday 2:30pm & Sunday 12:30pm

Giant Bubble Wands

Join Geoffrey and his team, known for giant bubbles from festivals past and Saxapahaw’s Farmers Market. Make a giant bubble wand and then learn the art and patience of creating these magnificent and temporary beauties. Kids Tent, Saturday 4:30pm & Sunday 2:30pm

Wonderful Worms

Join the Grand Trees of Chatham for a fun afternoon learning about a tree’s best friend… the earthworm!  We will spend some time getting to know these amazing little creatures and discover why worms and trees get along so well.  We will create some worm artwork and then release our worms into the wild where they can make friends with the beautiful trees here at Shakori Hills! Ages 5 and under. Meet at the Kids Tent, Friday 1pm

Exploring Shakori: “Treemendous Trees” Family Hike

Join Grand Trees of Chatham, Shakori staff, and others for a fun afternoon getting to know some “treemendous” trees here at Shakori Hills!  We’ll also visit nature areas and the vegetable garden, visit with the critters and explore some other features here at Shakori Hills. This activity is for ages 6 and up. Meet at Kids Tent, Saturday 3pm

Kids Creating Poetry

Join Alyssa DeCaulp and Friends as you find your literary voice. She’ll first lead a mini-workshop demonstrating basic use of descriptive language, rhyme, and verse with examples and help, then follow it up with a performance where you kids take to the stage to share your art as part of the festival. Kids Tent, Friday 5pm & Sunday 12pm

Family Time Big Story Jam

Join us as we celebrate the talker, the tall-tale-teller, the muse, and the fibber as some of the finest storytellers in North Carolina take center stage at STORY JAM! Perfect for kids of all ages and adults who still remember how to be a kid. Join Casey Nees and other special guests for this delightful presentation. Kids Tent, Friday 6pm

Funky Not Junky! Herbal Snacks for GrassRoots Families

Join family herbalist Julia in making and enjoying four funky herbal goodies that put the “fun” in funky! Budding herbalists will learn some silly mantras that celebrate the medicinal and nutritional qualities of the herbal snack. Parents should be prepared for their munchkins to get herbalicious – in other words, your child may be covered in green dust (spirulina) & stained red (hibiscus) by the end of the workshop! Recipes will be distributed so you can plant the seeds of health in your kitchen at home. Kids Tent, Sunday 3pm

U-Doodle Workshop & Mixed Media Doodle Project

Come learn the science and art of doodling – yes, doodling! U-Doodle is a non-profit organization that bridges together people of all ages and Sbackgrounds and reconnects them to their natural creativity, inspiring collaborative innovation through the process of doodling. Check out their workshops and the doodle project wall. Kids Tent, Workshops: Saturday 9:30am & Sunday 10am; Doodle Wall: Friday 5pm & Saturday 10:30am

The Outpost

The Outpost is an area for young people—stop by and see what’s happening! Songwriting workshops, tie-dye making, mural painting, Improv Workshops, DJ Dancing, board and table games, Open Mic, teen lounge and lots more!  You might even learn a thing or two. The Outpost is for people ages 10 to 18.  Friday through Sunday, 11am – midnight

Introduction to the Harmonica

Singer and multi-intstrumentalist, Cary Moskovitz of Greensboro, will lead this beginners workshop for ages 12 and older. He’ll start with notes and tuning, then you can learn to play some basic chords and simple melodies. Cary sings and plays guitar, tenor banjo, harmonica and kazoo as front man for the Haw River Rounders. The Outpost, Saturday 5pm

Sacrificial Poets Youth Slam

Sacrificial Poets hosts the first ever Shakori Hills youth poetry slam. Poetry slam started in the 1980′s as a game to trick audiences. Today we use it as a stage to tell our stories as young people who aren’t always encouraged to speak. Join us for this slam where we highlight the young voices of Shakori Hills. This slam will be for youth ages 16 and under. Let’s have fun with poetry! The Outpost, Friday 7pm

Primitive Instruments Workshop

Musical instruments created today can be amazing feats of technological prowess. Whether it be the extreme edge of electronic music, or the perceived simpler world of bluegrass, instruments are meticulously created with many parts that have to be in perfect alignment, but this was not always the case! James Olin Oden leads this workshop which aims to take you back to a time when instruments made from skin, bone and reed were the norm. As you play simple instruments such as bones, whistles and drums, you will quickly see that the music really is in you. The Outpost, Saturday 6pm

Fairy Hair Flare

Fairy Hair Flare will be adding a little sparkle to the Outpost this festival! Our quality garment silks are applied to your hair with a special fairy blessing. Your single strand could last a day, a month, or even a year – just until it falls out. Come get your sparkle on! Limited to first 20 participants. The Outpost, Friday 4pm

Ranford Almond

Fourteen year old Ranford Almond has had the privilege of playing at multiple festivals and venues. He began taking violin lessons at the age of four and taught himself to play guitar somewhere along the way. Ranford performs solo acoustic versions of original songs as well as pieces from his favorite songwriters. It has been said that he is an old soul. The Outpost, Friday 9pm

Femo Beads & Switchplate Covers

Drew Smith will show you the techniques to use polymer clay to create an intricate colorful design in a bead, pendant, or amulet. Sunday’s workshop focuses on making light switch plate covers. Take it home to decorate your own personal space. The Outpost, Friday 1pm & Sunday 12pm

Partner Acro Play

Join Liz Bliss for an Intro to Acro Play. This creative movement engages both strength and flexibility while combining partner balancing with yoga fundamentals and basic acrobatics. We’ll explore a variety of poses and techniques in a safe and supported environment. Please wear comfortable clothes that allow you to work upside down. No experience or partner necessary for this intro-level playshop. Oak Tree beside the Outpost, Saturday 3pm

Make Your Own Tie-Dye

A hands-on, get-messy hour of fun! Join us for this workshop to fold and tie your own tie-dye design with the color combination of your choice and leave with a colorful creation you can take home. We’ll provide bandanas for dyeing or you can bring your own 100% cotton shirt – dyes provided by H2O Tie-Dye. Limited to first 25 participants, sign-up sheet opens at noon. The Outpost, Saturday 1pm

Improv Workshops

Maya Burgess has been performing for audiences in North Carolina and Virginia with Once Upon a Blueridge Theatre for eight years. She has been an actress, stage manager, assistant director and has helped teach drama classes and summer camps. She is 16 years old, and plans to make a career in musical theater. Come with a creative spirit, an open mind, and be ready to make a scene! The Outpost, Friday 5pm & Saturday 3pm

Open Mic with Lakota John

Bring out your instruments, best voice and friends, and take center stage! Lakota John hosts with visits from special guests throughout the evening.  Open Jam intended for young musicians only.  The Outpost, Saturday 8:30pm

Guitar Woodshed/Performance Tips with Ira Planer & Lakota John

This workshop will focus on teaching the basics of guitar playing, a I, IV, V music progression as well as provide an introduction to basic music theory. Participants will also learn a lead pattern to go along with their progression, and the opportunity to perform it at open mic at The Outpost on Saturday night! Ira Planer currently works with Burriss Amps and Effects Pedals organizing community outreach programs including Wake County’s first Blues in the School program. Lakota John is a talented blues player and young Shakori veteran. The Outpost, Saturday 7pm


Bring a shirt and get an Outpost print on it. Learn about various textile art techniques, including screen printing, and how to easily customize your wardrobe. The Outpost, Friday 11am & Sunday 1pm

Lava Glow Lights

Lava lamps have been lighting our lives since 1968. While the original includes paraffin and electricity, we’ll make a temporary version of this fun “eye candy” with everyday household items. Stop by and construct a festival style lava glow lamp to light your way into the night. The Outpost, Friday 6pm

Photo Booth

Stop by the Outpost Photo Booth and shoot a “selfie” with your friends to commemorate the day. Send a snapchat, share with a friend, or post to the Outpost Facebook Page. Goofballs welcome, props provided. The Outpost, Throughout the Festival

HoopDrum Jam

Gear up for the parade with Jewels and Scott Crews for a hoop and drum jam to get you in the spirit. Bring your favorite instrument of magic (hoops, poi, drums, flags). Near the Kids Area, Saturday 1:30pm

Elkland Art Center Big Puppet Parade

Come along on the magical journey through the festival! Bring your noisemakers, don your snazziest festival garb, and join Elkland Art Center and the Bulltown Strutters in this Big Puppet Parade. Parade starts at the Kids Area, Saturday 2pm