Kids & Family

Shakori Hills is great for families! The festival is a rich, interactive experience for children of all ages, with several special activities for kids throughout the weekend.

Near the heart of the festival grounds is the Kid’s Zone. Hands-on art projects, performances, group activities, story telling, face painting, a climbing wall and a Saturday afternoon parade! The kids village is organized by fun and creative festival volunteers. Interested in helping? Volunteer! Also check out our Kids Area Wish List to see if you may have anything lying around that could make the tent more enjoyable.

Exploring the farm is encouraged for older children — parents know they can depend on a nurturing, attentive festival staff and community to keep a watchful eye.

Camping families can choose to settle down in our quiet camping zone, a peaceful cove that is perfect for, well, quiet camping! Ask at the ticket booth when you check in.

Youth tickets (ages 13-15) are available at a reduced price, and kids 12 and under get in free!


Fall 2014 Kids & Family Info…

Read the descriptions and times of all kids’ activities below or download a pdf of the schedule here:

Click for: Kids Tent Schedule

Click for: Outpost Schedule

Seedlings & Sprouts

An area specially designed for families with children age 10 and under. This Fall look forward to the return of of poi dance, tie-dye, dream intention seed pots, hooping, rockets and so much more! Come play in the sand pile, make a sculpture, paint, doodle, or grab a make-and-take craft to go. Bring a book or several to share with the Shakori Kids Lending Library. Kids Tent: Thursday 5:30-7pm; Friday 9am-7pm; Saturday 9am-7pm; Sunday 9am-5pm

Seedlings Play-Time

This special programming is for the 5-and-under crowd. Join us for story/circle time, play-dough, finger-painting, interactive hands-on centers, activities and special guests. Check the Kids Tent schedule for activity times. Kids Tent, Friday-Sunday 11am-2pm

Special Activities Tent

Face-painting, pumpkins for sale, young artist demonstrations: art with a purpose. Donations accepted with proceeds to benefit the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center. Kids Tent, Friday-Sunday 11am-2pm

Pumpkin Carving – Friday 5:30pm while listening to…

Scary Tales from the Carolinas – Friday 6pm

Shakori Family Bingo – Saturday 6pm

Wee Folk Drum Circle

Bring your drums and dancing feet to join the giants, fairies and all assortment of woodland creatures in this special drum circle. This one is for the wee folk only and no experience is necessary! Brigitte Schubert and Wes May are experienced and patient leaders of the circle.  Kids Tent, Thursday 5:30pm & Saturday 3:30pm

Kids’ Arts & Crafts Bazaar

Calling all crafters 15 & under and shoppers of all ages! Spread out your blanket, and sell your own hand-made arts and crafts. Check at the Kids Tent for rules and information; set-up will be 30 minutes before start time. Near the Kids Tent, Saturday 3-5pm & Sunday 11am-1pm

Lightnin’ Wells: Jump Little Children

Kids just love Lightnin’ Wells.That might seem an unlikely claim for an acoustic bluesman who can sing so convincingly of grown-up worries. Still, the fact is undeniable: the most responsive and joyous audience members at a Lightnin’Wells show are very often the youngest. His album Jump Little Children: Old Songs For Young Folks draws from the musical wellsprings of America’s past to create a varied program of blues, old-time tunes, vaudeville, folk, and just plain silliness geared to the younger listener. The musical accompaniment is as varied as the song material itself, featuring guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, ukulele and “fun” instruments such as the toy piano, train whistle, kazoo and slide whistle. Best of all, it gives parents a unique chance to connect their children to some of the deepest roots in our musical heritage—safe passage to a sometimes rowdy past. Cabaret Tent, Saturday 2:30pm

Little Root

Lynda Dawson & Sally Mullikin are on an adventure to make homemade music that both kids and adults love to sing, play and move their feet to. Whether an old-time favorite or one of their sing-along originals, each Little Root song is made from scratch, straight off the back porch — music the whole family can enjoy! Both gals are veterans of the NC roots music scene. Lynda fronts the Americana/Bluegrass outfit, The Kickin’ Grass Band, and Sally builds stringed instruments and plays as a Mary Annette with Grammy award winning folk artist,Justin Robinson.Their guitar and fiddle duo can sometimes be augmented by a cast of guest favorites on instruments ranging from banjo to spoons to kazoo—you never know who might drop in and join in the music making. Keep your ears open for a CD from Little Root in the coming year, they were just awarded a Regional Project Artist Grant by the United Arts Council to fund their first recording project. Cabaret Tent, Sunday 2pm

The Bulltown Strutters

The Bulltown Strutters are a community parade band bringing the street band traditions of New Orleans to their own home in Durham. This eclectic group will have you parading, dancing and merry-making in no-time! This Cabaret show will lead into the Paperhand Puppet Intervention Parade. Cabaret Tent, Saturday 1pm

Son Viajero

Son Jarocho is one of the most beautiful Mexican folk traditions, its richness stemming from the fusion of rhythms from cultures that melded during the period of Spanish Conquest of the New World: African rhythms, Flamenco influences from the Spanish, and the Nahuatl dance and poetry from our indigenous ancestors. It combines percussion from footwork, har- mony and melody of traditional instruments, and verses with more than 400 years of existence, into a unique experi- ence of the purest Mexican folklore. A keeper of this tradition, Son Viajero brings love with every pluck of her instrument, and passion in every tap of her feet that she shares with you, creating a festival of community that we call the “fan- dango.” Cabaret Tent, Friday 11:45am

Tanglewood Puppets

The Tanglewood Puppets have been entertaining children and adults since 1969 with original hand puppet, interactive shows. Come on a journey of fun and imagination, and join in on the zany antics of the puppets. A long-time member of The Puppeteers of America, Mac McCord believes the ancient art of puppetry is still a relevant way to bring folks of all cultures and ages together. Cabaret Tent, Saturday 11:45am

One Spirit Native American Story & Dance

One Spirit Native American Dance Team will describe and demonstrate a variety of authentic Native American dances such as Men and Wom- en’s Traditional Dance, Men’s Fancy Dance and Women’s Butterfly Dance, dressed in their elaborate regalia. Also, Nora Dial-Stanley (Lumbee) and Amanda Jacobs (Lumbee), both well-known Tribal Storytellers, will share Native stories. Members of this team represent many of the tribes in North Carolina such as the Lumbee,Coharie and Haliwa-Saponi.They participate in many Triad events, promoting Native American Indian history, culture and traditions. Cabaret Tent, Sunday 12:45pm

Monkey Madness

Go bananas at this Monkey Movement playshop for the whole family! Katie and Kaci from AcroEntertainment will lead you through silly movements, animal stretching and other exercises similar to those you’d see in the circus jungle.This is sure to get you giggling!  Kids Tent, Saturday 4:30pm

Old-Time Family Dance Games

Kids of all ages: Join us for dancing, fun and games to live music. Stop in and find out exactly what the hokey pokey is all about! Playshop led by Barbara Wright. Cabaret Tent, Friday 10:15am

Family Fusion Dance Class

Be part of this fun, safe and educational social dance class for families that focuses on the basic fundamentals and benefits of social dancing. We encourage participants to explore and discover their own creativity and expression on the dance floor. You will learn basic dance patterns from popular social dances like swing, salsa, cha cha, merengue and more. This is a chance for families to dance together and experience the joy of communication through movement. Come get your groove on and boogie with the Dancin’ Family of GrassRoots. Our program is ideal for all ages and dance levels. Taught by Aubrey Griffith- Zill. Cabaret Tent, Friday 1pm

Spread Your Musical Wings

The Angel Band Foundation will share music education with our youth at Shakori Hills! We will bring together musicians of all ages, experience and instruments to create a magical, musical atmosphere! 45-minute workshops feature: Sing-a-long songs, world instrument introductions, rhythm/percussion experiments and Appalachian folk music. We will stimulate individual growth and group jam sessions. Bring your children and any fun-time instruments they favor to play and share, or use any of our wide variety of instruments. Come Spread Your Musical Wings with The Angel Band Foundation and witness the musicians of tomorrow! Children under 10 at the Kids Tent, Friday 4pm; Ages 10+ at The Outpost, Sunday 1pm

Family Dance Jam & Movement Exploration

Movement explorations are an important part of the developmental process. Through play-acting, creative movement, rhythm skills and an introduction to basic dance technique, Jessi Knight leads families and their little ones, providing a chance to explore the world of movement in a safe and fun environment. Cabaret Tent, Saturday 10:15am

Muggle Magic

Join Casey’s Laugh and Learn for a program full of magical science! Muggle Magic brings the spells of the wizarding world into the world of science with Van De Graaff Generators, light and invisibility science, chemical reactions, gnome foam, puking pumpkins, singing rods and more. Bring your wands and invite your house elves—all are welcome! Cabaret Tent, Friday 1pm

Interactive Story-Telling with Casey Nees

Join renowned story-teller Casey Nees as he takes you on an active storytelling journey to follow a dream, destroy a village, escape a crocodile, survive drowning and make sure that YOU are part of the story! Casey’s full-body story performance incorporates yoga and call & response, along with plenty of action and laughter! Cabaret Tent, Sunday 10am

Kids Rise & Shine Yoga

Join Julie Wells to start off your day with stretching, breathing, flowing and relaxing in this yoga class for children of all ages (parents are also welcome to join in or watch while sipping coffee!). No need to bring mats, just come with an open mind and open heart. Cabaret Tent, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9am

All Things Apple

Stop by the Kids Tent this festival to celebrate the North Carolina Apple! We’ll be carving apples, bobbing for ones hanging from strings and floating in water, and running an apple relay race. Kids Tent, Saturday 5:30pm

Mixed Media Doodle Project Wall

Come learn the science and art of doodling—yes, doodling! Express yourself and test out various mediums of art on Doodle Boards outside the Kids Tent, Saturday 10:30am & Sunday 10am

Kids Hooping Playshop

Join Jewels for this hands-and-hips-on movement playshop consisting of basic hooping techniques and movement. No experience is necessary. Help decorate and share the Kids Tent hoops or bring your own. Ages 6-12 years. Kids Tent, Friday 2pm

Children’s Poi Workshop

Join Albert, Nick & Friends to make your own Poi.Then stick around and learn some basic moves with them to music. Poi refers to both a performance art and the tools used for it. Poi are tethered weights swung through a variety of rhythmical and geometrical patterns. Kids Tent, Saturday 12pm & Sunday 11am

Giant Bubble Wands

Join Geoffrey and his team, known for giant bubbles from festivals past and Saxapahaw’s Farmers Market. Make a giant bubble wand and then learn the art and patience of creating these magnificent, temporary beauties. Kids Tent, Friday 4:30pm, Saturday 5pm & Sunday 2:30pm

Exploring Shakori Hills: “Treemendous Trees” Family Hike

Join Grand Trees of Chatham, Shakori staff and others for a fun afternoon getting to know some “treemen- dous” trees here at Shakori Hills! We’ll also visit nature areas and the vegetable garden, hang with the critters and explore some other features here at Shakori Hills.This activity is for ages 6 and up. Meet at the Kids Tent, Saturday 3pm

Tie-Dye & Retro Crafts with Vic

Join Vic and his helpful crew as we tie-dye, stamp and create small and large art. Explore some new retro crafts and help make a super-large tie-dye tapestry. Stop in for some groovy, messy art! Bring your own shirts, or use provided bandanas. For all ages. Kids Tent, Saturday 2:30pm & Sunday 12:30pm

Wonderful Worms

Join the Grand Trees of Chatham for a fun afternoon learning about a tree’s best friend… the earthworm! We will spend some time getting to know these amazing little creatures and discover why worms and trees get along so well. We will create some worm artwork and then release our worms into the wild where they can make friends with the beautiful trees here at Shakori Hills! Ages five and under. Meet at the Kids Tent, Friday 1pm

The Outpost

Tribal Games

Play! It’s common to all people, tribes and even seems to be how many animals learn and develop skills to survive. We’ll play some games that will engage balance, finesse, teamwork and hand-eye coordination. The Outpost, Sunday 2:30pm

Circus FUNdamentals with AcroEntertainment

Learn the basics of circus with Katie and Kaci of AcroEntertainment. This class covers juggling fundamentals and basic acrobatics. We will work in groups and with partners. Bring an open mind and wear clothes you can work in upside-down! The Outpost, Saturday 1:30pm

Aerial Skills with Liz Bliss

Liz Bliss dances through the air—soaring upwards, spiraling downwards and maneuvering her body into the most unimaginable of positions. Stop by this workshop to find out her secrets (well, some of them) and take a shot at it yourself! Liz currently teaches aerial dance, aerial conditioning, partner yoga and acro play, hooping, circus arts and fire safety. She believes that every body is beautiful and everybody moves. Oak Tree beside the Outpost, Sunday 12pm

Paper Marbling

Marbling is a print-making technique that looks like capturing a galaxy on a page, except it requires neither subatomic particles nor superhuman skills. Since the first century, people have applied marbled materials to a variety of surfaces, with its main appeal being that each print in entirely unique. Stop by these fun do-it-yourself workshops and create your own marbled masterpiece! The Outpost, Friday 5:30pm, Sunday 10am

Make Your Own Tie-Dye with H2O

A hands-on, get-messy hour of fun! Join Julie Hardy of H2O Tie-Dye for this workshop to fold and tie your own tie-dye design with the color combination of your choice. You’ll leave with a colorful creation you can take home.We’ll provide bandanas for dyeing or you can bring your own 100% cotton shirt. Limited to first 25 participants, sign-up sheet opens at noon. The Outpost, Friday 1pm and Saturday 12pm

Maya Burgess

Maya Burgess is a 16-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician, from Danbury, NC. She has won the Carolina Music Awards “Best Youth Rock Artist” 2012, Shakori Hills Band Competition 2012, Winston Salem Shuffle 2013, and the NC 4H District Talent Competition. As soon as her voice hits the air your ears and heart will pay attention. She plays a wide variety of styles, but favors the Blues because “Blues music speaks to the soul and everyone can relate to it.” Joining her this weekend is a group of hot musicians from Martinsville,Virginia, representing the next generation of young talent rising out of the south. The Outpost, Friday 7pm

Improv Workshop

Maya Burgess has been performing for audiences in North Carolina and Virginia with Once Upon a Blueridge Theatre for eight years. She has been an actress, stage manager and assistant director; she has helped teach drama classes and summer camps. Maya is 16 years old and plans to make a career in musical theater. Come with a creative spirit and an open mind, prepared to make a scene! The Outpost, Saturday 3:30pm

Open Mic with Maya & Friends

Bring out your instruments, best voice and friends, and take center stage! Maya Burgess hosts with visits from special guests throughout the evening. Open Jam intended for young musicians only. The Outpost, Saturday 8pm

Mason Via

Mason Via is a talented song-writer and multi-instrumentalist from North Carolina, making his mark across the region in coffee houses,concert venues and festivals.With an impressive group of supporting musicians,you will hear an eclectic blend of funky folk, blues and jazz influenced covers that will make you want to get up and boogie. But his original compo- sitions are the most surprising! Check out his first CD, They Call Me Mason. The Outpost, Friday 8:30pm

Introduction to the Harmonica

Singer and multi-intstrumentalist, Cary Moskovitz of Greensboro will lead this beginners work- shop for ages 12 and older. He’ll start with notes and tuning, then you can learn to play some basic chords and simple melodies. Cary sings and plays guitar, tenor banjo, harmonica and kazoo as front man for the Haw River Rounders. The Outpost, Friday 3:30pm

Guitar Woodshed/Performance Tips with Ira Planer & Big Ron Hunter

This workshop will focus on teaching the basics of guitar playing, a I, IV, V music progression as well as provide an introduction to basic music theory. Participants will also learn a lead pattern to go along with their progression, and the opportunity to perform it at open mic at The Outpost on Saturday night! Ira Planer currently works with Burriss Amps and Effects Pedals organizing community outreach programs including Wake County’s first Blues in the School program. Big Ron Hunter is a veteran Shakori Hills performer who has been playing the blues for over 40 years. The Outpost, Saturday 5:30pm

Nature Freaks

Nature Freaks is an Environmental/Outdoor education organization founded in 2010 and based in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Patrick County, Virginia.The group is committed to the growth and development of all people through quality programming structured around nature: in-depth learning experi- ences which foster responsible stewardship of our surroundings. Join us for some hands-on, get-dirty and FUN outdoor nature activities. The Outpost, Friday 2:30pm and Sunday 11am

Photo Booth

Stop by the Outpost Photo Booth and shoot a “selfie” with your friends to commemorate the day. Send a snapchat, share with a friend, or post to The Outpost Facebook Page. Goofballs welcome; props provided. The Outpost, throughout the Festival

HoopDrum Jam

Gear up for the parade with Jewels and Scott Crews for a hoop and drum jam to get you in the spirit. Bring your favorite instrument of magic (hoops, poi, drums, flags). Near the Kids Area, Saturday 1:30pm

Paperhand Puppet Intervention Harvest Parade

Come along on the magical journey through the festival! Bring your noisemakers, don your snazziest festival garb, and join Paperhand Puppet Intervention and the Bulltown Strutters in this Shakori Hills Celebration! Parade starts at the Kids Area, Saturday 2pm