Kids & Family

Shakori Hills is great for families! The festival is a rich, interactive experience for children of all ages, with several special activities for kids throughout the weekend.

Near the heart of the festival grounds is the Kid’s Zone. Hands-on art projects, performances, group activities, story telling, face painting, a climbing wall and a Saturday afternoon parade! The kids village is organized by fun and creative festival volunteers. Interested in helping? Volunteer! Also check out our Kids Area Wish List to see if you may have anything lying around that could make the tent more enjoyable.

Exploring the farm is encouraged for older children — parents know they can depend on a nurturing, attentive festival staff and community to keep a watchful eye.

Camping families can choose to settle down in our quiet camping zone, a peaceful cove that is perfect for, well, quiet camping! Ask at the ticket booth when you check in.

Youth tickets (ages 13-15) are available at a reduced price, and kids 12 and under get in free!

Fall 2015 Kids & Family Info…

Seedlings & Sprouts

Find a printable schedule of activities in the Kids’ Tent here.

An area especially designed for families with children age 10 and under. This fall, look forward to retro arts and crafts, giant bubbles, origami and music workshops! Come play in the sand pile or grab a make-and-take craft or a game “to go” hear a band. Bring a book or several to share with the Shakori Hills Kids library, and check the website for updated schedules, activities and wish lists. Kids Tent Hours: Fri 9am-7pm; Sat 9am-7pm; Sun 9am-5pm

Seedlings Play-Time

This special programming is for the 5-and-under crowd. Join us for story/circle time, interactive hands-on centers, activities and special guests. Check at the Kids Tent for activity times. Kids Tent, Fri-Sun 12pm-2pm

Special Activities Tent

Face-painting and interactive arts and interests area with special guests dropping in throughout the weekend. Donations accepted with proceeds to benefit the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center. Kids Tent, Fri-Sun 1pm – 6pm

Evening Family Time:  Pumpkin Carving, NC Tales & Legends
Yes real pumpkins! Scrape the guts, carve a face, use real tea lights and listen to spooky Tales of NC. Fri 5-7pm?

Shakori Hills Family Bingo
The words are uniquely Shakori Hills, the prizes are real and the winning is fun. Sat 6-7pm?

Kids & Family Activities

Spoons for the Young & Young-at-Heart

Susan Wells says, “It’s a ‘tink-a-link,'” describing the sound her spoons make while playing songs like “Skip To My Lou” or “Polly-Wally-Doodle.” From a simple tap on the quarter note to syncopated triplets, percussive spoons can be as simple or complex as you want. Susan can help you just get started, or give you ‘tips from the top’ to further your spoons repertoire. Bring your own metal spoons if you have them; we will have a few extras if needed, though. Kids Tent, Sat 4pm

Tim & Susan Wells

Tim&SusanWellsTim and Susan Wells are local teachers and performers who entertain a wide range of ages with their authentic traditional songs and tunes along with games and movement activities. Songs like “Short’ning Bread” and “Miss Mary Mack” mix perfectly with “Singer Girl” and “Black Eyed Suzie” as this talented duet seamlessly brings improvisational fun into songs the whole family can enjoy. Cabaret Tent, Sat 11:30am

Paul Taylor

Adelaide-native Paul Taylor celebrates the culture of his Australian homeland in shows and workshops for all ages, sharing stories, photos and music of Aboriginal and European Australia. He is an authentic player of Aboriginal percussion and didjeridoo, having learned from the last living member of the Wardaman Aboriginal clan. Taylor is mentored by Yidumduma (elder) Bill Harney, last male custodian of the Wardaman culture in Australia’s Northern Territory. Paul has performed for and taught well over 200,000 American children in his career and has recorded five award-winning albums of Australian song and story. He will delight audiences of all ages at the Cabaret Tent, Sat 2:30pm

Country Fresh Wake-Up with E-boo & Friends

Eboo ShowElizabeth Sauls, aka E-boo, combines old-time music and dancing with puppet fun for young audiences. The wake-up show features sea creatures, farm animals and other varmints all together in a miniature kids square dance in which you can participate, too! Begin your festival day with giggles and jiggles! Cabaret Tent, Fri 11am

The Fernandez Sisters

The Fernandez Sisters – Elise, Olivia and Sofia – are surely up and coming musicians. See their description in the next section, “The Outpost” for more information! Cabaret Tent, Sun 1:30pm

Latin Rhythms Family Dance Workshop

Be part of this fun and educational social dance class for families that focuses on the basic fundamentals and benefits of social dancing. We encourage participants to explore and discover their own creativity and expression on the dance floor. You will learn basic dance patterns focusing mainly on Latin and Salsa dancing. This is a chance for families to dance together and experience the joy of communication through movement. Come get your groove on and boogie with the Dancin’ Family of GrassRoots. Our program is ideal for all ages and experience levels. Taught by Aubrey Griffith-Zill. Dance Tent, Fri 1pm

Spread Your Musical Wings

The Angel Band Foundation will share music education with our youth at Shakori Hills! We will bring together musicians of all ages, experience and instruments to create a magical, musical atmosphere! 45-minute workshops feature: Sing-a-long songs, world instrument introductions, rhythm/ percussion experiments and Appalachian folk music.  We will stimulate individual growth as well as hold group jam sessions. Bring your children and any fun-time instruments they favor to play and share, or use any of our wide variety of instruments. Come Spread Your Musical Wings with The Angel Band Foundation and witness the musicians of tomorrow!  Children under 10 at the Kids Tent, Fri 4pm; Ages 10+ at The Outpost, Sun 1pm

Casey’s Laugh & Learn: The Insane Science of FairyLand!

Casey's Laugh & LearnJoin Casey Nees, an award-winning science programmer and storyteller for the INSANE SCIENCE of FAIRYLAND! Could a wolf blow a house down? Can the prince really escape the tower? These questions and more will be answered when science meets storytelling. Cabaret Tent, Fri 12:30pm

Story Jam

Story Jam is the new Sunday Jam! Join renowned story-tellers Casey Nees, Cynthia Raxter and Machai St. Rain and Louise Omotto Kessel as they delve into some deep tales, twice as long as before! Stop in for big story fun that celebrates the muse, the talker and the tall-tale-teller. Perfect for kids of all ages! Cabaret Tent, Sun 11:15am

Kids Rise & Shine Yoga

Come start the day with stretching, breathing, flowing and relaxing in this yoga class for children of all ages (parents are also welcome to join in or watch while sipping coffee!). No need to bring mats, just come with an open mind and open heart. Various instructors each day. Cabaret Tent, Fri 10am, Sat and Sun 9am

SingSong with Amy Puryear

SingSong is a fun-filled singing workshop for kids! It’s all about singing songs and chants from near and far, moving our bodies, stomping our feet, clapping our hands and sharing our voices in an open and comfortable environment. Come on kids! Bring your friends, bring your folks, bring your sisters and your brothers, bring your voices, bring your rhythm and bring your love of music. Let’s sing some songs together!  Amy Puryear, from Laila Belle, will be leading SingSong which she teaches regularly in her home town of Trumansburg, NY. Cabaret Tent, Sat 10:15am

The Bulltown Strutters

The Bulltown Strutters are a community parade band bringing the street band traditions of New Orleans to their own home in Durham. This eclectic group will have you parading, dancing and merry-making in no-time! This Cabaret show will lead into the Harvest Parade with Paperhand Puppet Intervention. Cabaret Tent, Sat 1pm

Walker Street Fiddlers

The Walker Street Fiddlers is a diverse group of young musicians from ?third grade through high school whose common thread is their love of music—particularly traditional Irish and American fiddle tunes. They are currently comprised of 28 students from a dozen different schools in the region. Cabaret Tent, Sun 10am

Art-At-the-Wall: Express Yourself!

Throughout the weekend you will find boards and displays near and around the kids tent and the sand pit with paint, chalk, markers, weaving and matte board art. Create, add to or produce your own added art to these collaborative endeavors. Express yourself! Kids Tent, throughout the festival

Kids Creating Poetry

Find your literary voice in this fun mini-workshop that demonstrates the basic use of descriptive language, rhyme and verse. We’ll offer tips, examples and help, then follow it up with a performance where you kids take the stage to share your art as part of the festival. Kids Tent, Fri & Sun 12pm

Kids’ Arts & Crafts Bazaar

Calling all people 15 and under! Spread out your blanket, and sell your own hand-made arts and crafts. For rules & information email Sign-in and set-up 30 minutes prior to start time. Near the Kids Tent, Sat 3-5pm & Sun 11am-1pm

Children’s Poi Workshop

Join Albert, Nick & Friends to make your own Poi. Then stick around and learn some basic moves with them to music with Go With Flow Arts of Asheville. Poi refers to both a performance art and the tools used for it. Poi are tethered weights swung through the air in different rhythmical and geometrical patterns. Kids Tent, Sat 12pm & Sun 11am  

Wonderful Worms

Join the Grand Trees of Chatham for a fun afternoon learning about a tree’s best friend… the earthworm! We will spend some time getting to know these amazing little creatures and discover why worms and trees get along so well. We will create some worm artwork and then release our worms into the wild where they can make friends with the beautiful trees here at Shakori Hills! Ages five and under. Meet at the Kids Tent, Fri 1pm

Giant Bubbles

Join Brenda Wallen, the Bubble Goddess, and learn how to make a giant bubble wands and then learn the art and patience of creating giant bubbles in the fields. Or you can just watch and run around popping them! Kids Tent, Sat 5pm & Sun 2:30pm

“Treemendous” Trees Family Hike

Join Andy Upshaw of Grand Trees of Chatham for a fun afternoon getting to know some of the “Treemendous” trees here at Shakori Hills! We’ll also visit nature areas and the community vegetable garden, hang with the critters and explore some other features here at Shakori Hills. This activity is for ages 6 and up. Meet at the Kids Tent, Sun 1pm

Retro Crafts: Giant Spin Art

Join Sandra The Spin Art Lady as we create giant spin art crafts for kids of all ages and make some groovy, messy art on both small and large scales. Sandra will also have a vendor booth near the kids tent open all weekend. Visit her booth all weekend in the kids area. Workshops are happenings at the Kids Tent, Fri 2pm & Sun 12pm

Retro Crafts: Decoupage

Join the kids tent staff as we “decoupage”–the process of gluing torn paper, magazines and the like to other items – then we’ll paint and glitter, turning recycled items into pencil holders, vases and more. Have fun making this cool art from the 1970’s today! Activity for all ages. Kids Tent, Sun 1pm

Harvest Parade with Paperhand Puppets & Bulltown Strutters

Come along on the magical journey through the festival! Bring your noisemakers, don your snazziest festival garb, and join Paperhand Puppet Intervention and the Bulltown Strutters in this Shakori Hills Celebration! Parade starts at the Kids Area, Sat 2pm


The Outpost

The Outpost is an area for young people—stop by and see what’s happening! Harmonica, guitar and instrument workshops, large scale games, circus arts, improv workshops, DJ dancing, board and table games, Open Mic and lots more! You might even learn a thing or two. The Outpost is for people ages 10 to 18. Fri 1pm – midnight ; Sat 11am – midnight; Sun 11am – 6pm

Find a printable schedule for The Outpost here.

Tribal Games

Play! It’s common to all people, tribes and even seems to be how many animals learn and develop skills to survive. We’ll play some games that will engage balance, finesse, teamwork and hand-eye coordination. The Outpost, Sun 2:30pm

Aerial Skills with Liz Bliss

Liz Bliss dances through the air—soaring upwards, spiraling downwards and maneuvering her body into the most unimaginable of positions. Stop by this workshop to find out her secrets (well, some of them) and take a shot at it yourself! Liz currently teaches aerial dance, aerial conditioning, partner yoga and acro play, hooping, circus ?arts and fire safety. She believes that every body is beautiful and everybody moves. Oak Tree beside the Outpost, Sun 5pm

Concert: Maya & Sandy

Maya returns to Shakori Hills with her friend and neighbor, Sandy Usleton, from Danbury, NC. These two young friends have been singing and playing together for over ten years — that’s more than half their lives! Experience their unique sound and harmonious blend. The Outpost, Fri 6:30pm

Hooping Skills

Come join the hoopers of Headspin Hooptroupe, a funky flow tribe from Greensboro, NC. This festival’s workshop will be a class designed to improve your hooping skills, focusing on how to begin and then move beyond basic hooping. Our expert spinner will show you some of the latest techniques and inspire ideas to create your own moves, then amaze you with hers during the Hoop Jam that follows. The Outpost, Sat 1pm

Introduction to the Harmonica

Singer and multi-instrumentalist, Cary Moskovitz of Greensboro will lead this beginners workshop for ages 12 and older. He’ll start with notes and tuning, then you can learn to play some basic chords and simple melodies together with other instruments and singers. The Outpost, Fri 6pm

Big Kid Games

The games are back! Bring your friends and make some new ones. Challenge your dexterity and strategy skills in these fun, full-body games. The Outpost, Fri 2pm & Sat 12pm

Aboriginal Mural Painting with Paul Taylor

Paul’s murals are inspired by Aboriginal rock art culture and teachings under the mentorship of Yidumduma Bill Harney, Australian aboriginal. Join in this special mural painting and help co-design and create the finished work! Painting all at once helps us learn to create beautiful works together — building community through art! The completed mural will live on at the Outpost for future festivals. The Outpost, Sat 4pm

Concert: The Fernandez Sisters

North Carolina natives Elise, Olivia and Sofia Fernandez play mainly a mix of Traditional Folk, Bluegrass, Celtic/Irish, Jazz and a few originals. Playing as a band since 2011, Elise (age 17) plays guitar, Olivia (age 14) plays mandolin and Sofia (age 12) plays fiddle with all three singing harmony. Shakori Hills first discovered them when they won first place in the band competition at our Hoppin’ John Fiddlers’ Convention a few years ago. The Outpost, Fri 8pm; Cabaret Tent, Sun 1:30pm

Improv Workshop: Make a Scene

Maya Burgess has been performing for audiences in North Carolina and Virginia with Once Upon a Blueridge Theatre for over eight years. She has been an actress, stage manager and assistant director; she has helped teach drama classes and summer camps. Maya is 16 years old and plans to make a career in musical theater. Come with a creative spirit and an open mind, prepared to make a scene!  The Outpost, Fri 1pm

Teen Open Mic

Bring out your instruments, best voice and friends, and take center stage! Maya Burgess and Sandy Usleton host this long-standing Outpost staple with visits from special guests throughout the evening. Open Jam intended for young musicians only. Just Bring It! The Outpost, Sat 8pm

Concert: Mason Via

Mason Via is a talented song-writer and multi-instrumentalist from North Carolina, making his mark across the region in coffee houses, concert venues and festivals. With an impressive group of supporting musicians, you will hear an eclectic blend of funky folk, blues and jazz influenced covers that will make you want to get up and boogie. But his original compositions are the most surprising! Check out his first CD, They Call Me Mason. The Outpost, Fri 9:30pm

Guitar Workshop: Beginning to Jamming

This workshop invites young musicians and would-be musicians to stop in and learn some guitar basics or take a step further into the wonderful world of the guitar, depending on skill level. We will demonstrate and teach the practice of using scales to solo and offer jam session tips. The Outpost, Sat 5pm

Primitive Instruments Workshop

We’ll take a hands-on look at our ancestors’ music-making tools. Have you ever created a backbeat with some rib bones or a melody with bamboo? Eclectic musician, James Olin Oden, will lead you through this introductory workshop. Instruments provided. The Outpost, Fri 5pm

Photo Booth

Stop by the Outpost Photo Booth and shoot a “selfie” with your friends to commemorate the festival. Send a snapchat, share with a friend or post to The Outpost Facebook Page. Goofballs welcome; props provided. The Outpost, Sun 5pm

Recycled Flower Power & Sea Shore Pendants

In Recycled Flower Power, we will transform a used plastic bottle into a thing of beauty that will last forever (unfortunately). Then, come choose a beach-combed treasure (shell, stone, or glass) that came from our Carolina coast and wire it into a pendant (treasures provided). The Outpost, Sat 11am & 3pm

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