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Spring 2015

Opening Ceremony

The opening, or thanksgiving address, are the words that come before all else: spoken before meetings and gatherings, and as a way of beginning or ending a day. We give thanks to the people, the earth, the waters, the animals and insects, trees and plants. Bear Fox created a song of it, to teach the children of her tribe their native language. Join in the opening ceremony to learn this song of thanksgiving, and celebrate another spring. Meadow Stage, Thursday 4pm

Paperhand Puppet Intervention & MarchFourth! Band Parade

Come along on the magical journey through the festival! Bring your noisemakers, don your snazziest festival garb, and join Paperhand Puppet Intervention and the MarchFourth! Band in this Shakori Hills Celebration! Parade starts at the Kids Area, Sunday 2pm

Plight of the Honeybee

Did you know that up to 70% of your food depends on pollination? Did you also know that the honeybee and other pollinator populations are drastically declining? Stop by this workshop to learn more about these creatures whose existence we depend on, and what we can all do to help them thrive. Taste some honey and check out the observation hive as well. Sustainability Pavilion, Friday 4:30pm

Spring Garden Forum

Let’s meet in the Shakori Hills Community Garden for a garden tour and some planting fun. We’ll discuss benefits and methods of raised bed gardening verses sowing directly into the ground and maybe plant some tomatoes if they’re ready! Come to learn and also share your own experiences with others so that we can all eat fresh and local year-round! Community Garden, Sunday 1pm

Fire by Friction

Come watch this ancient skill that all of our ancestors used to survive and thrive. Fuz Sanderson of Piedmont Earthskills Gathering will demonstrate the technique and the tools needed, as well as share the knowledge of what works in the local environment. This primal experience will awaken a long dormant part of your being, spark your imagination and open the door to learning a new skill set. Demonstrations will be happening every 15 minutes for a two-hour time period.  Sustainability Pavilion, Friday 2:30pm

Aerial Silks Workshop

See workshop description in “The Outpost” section of this program. Liz is available for group and private lessons, birthday parties and a variety of performance possibilities. A passionate performer and teacher, Liz is also focused on creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  Oak Tree near The Outpost, Saturday 6pm


For centuries, people in the South Asian countries of India, Burma and Sri Lanka have played the game of CARROM—a cross between marbles, pool and penny hockey. Come play carrom throughout the festival at the Tent near the Kids Area.

Friends of Bill W.

Come join the fellowship with others that are clean and sober at the festival. We will have an informal 12-Step meeting for all persons that would like to attend. This is a place where we can find strength, hope and support with others in recovery. Bring your own chair. Healing Arts Area, Friday 5pm, Saturday 10am & Saturday 5pm

Wild Walkabout to Box Turtle Farm with Leif Diamant

Spring is spectacular, abundant…and happening Now! Enjoy the beauty and wildness of nature with Shakori Hills’ neighbor and organic farmer, Leif Diamant (psychotherapist, naturalist and ordained inter-spiritual minister) as we explore and experience some of the wild and cultivated bounty of Spring. We’ll wander from Shakori Hills to Leif’s homestead, meet some asses and other farm and wild animals, sample edible and medicinal wild plants and taste the bounty of Leif’s organic garden. Come along on this popular walk to experience greater knowledge and deeper intimacy of nature. Leif’s websites are and Meet at the Bridge by Healing Arts, Friday 12pm

Spirit Masks

Come with a partner and make a plaster mold of each other’s face. Embellish your mask with color and natural or found objects. Create an alter-ego, an archetypical symbol or your personal totem. Be prepared for lots of fun and a little mess. Geodesic Dome, Saturday and Sunday afternoons

Sunday Morning at Shakori

We will gather together on Sunday morning to celebrate—blessing Shakori Hills, honoring all traditions, celebrating the Earth and welcoming into the circle all peoples and beings. We’ll feature The Seldom Together Gospel Band, Reverend Pat Jobe, Mother George Friday, the Goddess Trio and a few sweet surprises. Leif Diamant will invite intimacy with spirit through words, chant and meditation. Led by Reverend Gary Phillips of Silk Hope. Do you want to participate? Contact Gary at garfield(at) or find him at the festival. Meadow Stage, Sunday 10am

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