Sustainability Fair

Spring Sustainability, Peace & Justice Series


GAzeboSustFairShakori Hills has been committed to practicing and promoting environmental sustainability since its inception. Look around and see composting and recycling bins, solar electric panels, local foods, an organic community garden, tractors powered by renewable biodiesel, water conservation and preservation of woodlands. The Sustainability Pavilion is the center of this practice. Here we offer a series of demonstrations and discussions where you can learn more and meet local leaders in this movement.


Friday, May 6

6pm – Shakori Hills Green Drinks!

A locally sourced wine/beer/cider/spirits and local food Happy Hour! Join a who’s who of NC local drink and local food folks and toast all things local! Swap stories of local fuel, local food & drink, and local finance, and all things sustainable. Bring a local drink to enjoy or share if you wish. We’ll have snacks and local beverage samples as well.


Saturday, May 7

9:30am – Spring Walkabout with Pierre Lauffer

Pierre will be leading a nature walk and an informative, philosophical group discussion on the historical natural heritage of the Shakori Hills land. With more than 20 years experience in environmental management and planning, Pierre is seeking to change the way regions and communities understand resource usage within the communal context. Open dialogue will touch upon the idea that a community’s public welfare directly relates to the amount of open space maintained as a communal asset.

MichaelChandlerSmallHouse11am – Tiny House Design-Build Round Table with Michael Chandler

Tiny Houses are growing in interest and sophistication due to their stylistic and functional flexibility, as well as acoustic privacy and affordability. Michael will share images, plans and construction methods of the many tiny houses he has built in a Q&A session—so bring your ideas and questions and get informed answers. Michael is a local green builder, teacher and writer. His company has won the DOE Energy Value Housing Award, NAHB Green Home of the Year, NAHB Master Green Builder of the Year and NAHB Green Builder/Advocate of the Year.

12noon – Common Ground for Peace & Justice with The Independent Progressive Politics Network

Our 22nd Forum will gather in open community space to share dialogue and discover how to bring the energy and inspiration of Shakori Hills into our daily lives. If an act of injustice occurs are you prepared to stand for justice? Do you know what it looks like to live your principles every day? We can—and need to—be honest about how our culture creates and maintains ways to divide and undermine us. Our challenge is to change how power is expressed in our lives. Come share your hopes, concerns and solutions.

1:00 pm – Sacred Ecology and Nature Spirituality; Nature as Beloved, Inspiration, Healer and Teacher with Leif Diamant

Nature is the original source of many religions and spiritualities. Nature is our home; wildness is our roots. This workshop will explore and practice ways to experience Nature as the Beloved. We are designed, as human beings, to Love Nature. We will discuss and practice behaviors that can deepen and expand this primary resource in our daily lives. When we do, we open our hearts, minds and bodies to vibrant beauty, health, love, joy, creativity, peace and perspective. Leif Diamant is an organic farmer in Silk Hope (Box Turtle Community Supported Agriculture), licensed psychotherapist, naturalist and botanist and ordained interspiritual minister. He has taught classes at UNC, Duke, Warren Wilson College and NC Botanical Gardens.

2 pm – Making Your Workplace More Sustainable with Cindy Shea

Learn strategies for catalyzing positive change where you work.We’ll discuss a few cool technologies and, most importantly, how to make your case to the powers that be. Cindy launched the sustainability office at UNC Chapel Hill in 2001. Since then UNC has made significant strides toward carbon neutrality, water neutrality and zero waste, as well as offering more courses and degree programs related to sustainability.

3pm – Composting & Zero Waste with Bob & Camille Armantrout

Bob and Camille are zero-waste advocates who have been composting for more than a decade. They will present waste reduction strategies and basic composting techniques using low-tech, inexpensive methods that almost anyone can follow. This interactive discussion is intended to help those new to home composting, as well as seasoned composters improve their personal organic waste management practices.


Sunday, May 8

solarshakori12pm – Home Solar Power Electricity with Ed Witkin of Carrboro Solar Works

Ed will lead an interactive discussion about the use of PV within the home. He will discuss solar energy technology and how to improve home PV systems to achieve the greatest energy savings as well as local, state and national trends in PV systems. Participants will also learn about state and federal tax credits, how they apply to solar technologies and how to take advantage of them.

1pm – Small House Sustainable Communities w/ Harvey Harman and Laurie Cone

Drawing from a life spent focused on building Community, Harvey Harman will lead this interactive discussion focused on the many benefits of Small House Sustainable communities. Harvey Harman is the Construction Director for Chatham Habitat for Humanity and is currently starting the Living Well Community, an eco village on the Deep River in Randolph County. Laurie Cone is a high school Environmental Science teacher in Raleigh, a big fan of downsizing and a member of the Living Well community.

2pm – GrassRoots Festival as a Social Enterprise: Modeled Structures for the Future of Capitalism with Jordan Puryear

GrassRoots Festival Founder Jordan will lead a discussion on creating socially conscious business enterprises that contribute to community sustainability. Jordan is co-founder of Shakori Hills, Virginia Key and the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festivals, which he has been involved in organizing and running since 1991. The festivals are self-supporting, non-profit corporations whose missions are socially conscious.

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