Fall 2014

Dance Workshops

African Dance with Wassa Pan Afrika

Wassa Pan Afrika Dance Ensemble was founded in 1998 by Nana Kwasi Anim, and is known as the most premiere traditional African Dance and Drum performance group throughout Ghana, West Africa. Several members trained at the Pan Africa Orchestra, the Center for National Culture, Ghana Cultural Ballet, and the Dance Factory. Students and audiences have traveled from all over the world to train with them, yet you can learn some moves from this elite team right here at Shakori Hills! Dance Tent, Friday 3pm

Traditional Mexican Tap Dance

This class will introduce you to the basics of traditional Mexican folkloric dance, specifically from the state of Veracruz. We will talk about the origins of the musical genre Son Veracruzano, which is the fundamental piece of “Zapateado” (Mexican tap dancing/ clogging). Everyone is welcome to this class! Traditionally, in the small villages of Veracruz, every member of the community meets together in the town plaza, where we all dance, sing, or play the music which fills our evenings with the joy of sharing together. The objective of this class is to learn how to dance sones (songs) for everyone, sones for couples, and special sones for the ladies, and at the end, we will bring together a “Fandango” (traditional Jarocho party) set to live music. Cabaret Tent, Friday 2:15pm

Clogging with the Cane Creek Cloggers

Learn to clog—a form of percussive dance based on local dance styles as old as the hills! The Cane Creek Cloggers strive to promote an understanding of and respect for the diverse cultural heritage of the American South, and to teach and share the joy of clogging. They focus on preserving the traditions of old-time clogging, flatfoot, and buckdancing, while exuding the joyful energy at its deepest roots. They believe that innovation is vital to keeping traditions meaningful, and they challenge themselves to create new ideas within the realm of old-time steps and dance figures. Visit to find out more. Dance Tent, Saturday 11:30am

Zydeco Dance

Jack Wolf aka Yonkel El Bailadoro, from Hillsborough, NC, teaches dance and produces dance and musical events in the Triangle.  He has been producing Dance Gumbo, a fourth Saturday event at Triangle Dance Studio, Durham, for 15 years where he DJs and teaches Swing, Latin, Cajun/Zydeco, Waltz and Improv. He also organizes and teaches Salsa, and DJs at the Every Sunday Salsa Social at Triangle Dance Studio. Dance Tent, Sunday 1:30pm

Swing Dance

This is the easiest dance style for beginners to learn – a great place to start! In this workshop we will teach the basics of East Coast Swing, touching on the basic elements of footwork, connection with partner, and fun dance patterns. This upbeat and judgment-free workshop is designed for all experience levels. Taught by Adam Phillips and Aubrey Griffith-Zill. Join us in the Dance Tent, Saturday 7:15pm

Salsa Dancing: Rhythm, Expression, Connection

In this workshop you will be introduced to a variety of Latin movements and rhythms. We will warm-up by grounding our energy while shifting into the heart & soul of Latin dancing, generating a vibrant and playful environment. We will touch on a variety of Latin Dance Styles such as Merengue, Bachata and Salsa. The focal point of this workshop is SALSA dancing with an emphasis on rhythm, footwork, timing, and connection with partner. Taught by Aubrey Griffith-Zill and Adam Phillips. All levels are welcome at this FUN evening class. Dance Tent, Saturday 9:30pm 

Hoop Dance

Come and experience this revolutionary movement that combines meditation, exercise, grace and play. Hooping is an amazing path for conscious embodiment and creative expression. Taught by Jewels of HoopDrum, the Friday playshop is intended for those who have some experience with the hoop, but if you are struggling with a hoop move or don’t know where to even start, Jewels, Pete and other experienced hoopers will be available on Saturday in front of the hoop vending booth for some one-on-one guidance. Dance Tent, Friday 12pm; Hoop Booth by the Meadow Stage, Saturday 11am


Music Workshops

African Drum Workshop with Wassa Pan Afrika

Newspaper Ghanian Chronicle wrote “Wassa Pan-Afrika captivates audiences with electrifying dance and innovative rhythms.” They have traveled throughout Europe, Australia, and West Africa, spreading their message of peace, unity, and cheer.  They are a dynamic group of 20 professional African drummers and dancers that brings excitement and energy to the stories and traditions of  West Africa. We are honored to have them at Shakori Hills this Fall. Bring your drum to this special workshop! Cabaret Tent, Friday 1:30pm

Banjo with Leonard Podolak

Join the Duhks’ banjo player and founder, Leonard Podolak for this special workshop. He is a critically acclaimed 5-string claw-hammer banjo player, and is known for putting together wonderful combinations of musicians, creating new sounds in whatever project he touches. Bring your banjo, or just stop by and listen! Front Porch, Sunday 1pm

Fiddle with Rosie Newton

When Rosie plays at Shakori Hills, we like to keep her busy! She recently toured the Northeast playing zydeco fiddle with Preston Frank and this festival she is performing with The Duhks and is part of the duo, Richie and Rosie (with Richie Stearns). Her other bands include Red Dog Run, the Evil City Stringband and Home Remedy, another GrassRoots favorite. Bring your fiddle to pick up a few pointers, or just sit and listen. Front Porch, Friday 5:30pm

Blues Guitar with Lightnin’ Wells

With his experience, knowledge and well-honed performance skills, Lightnin’ Wells has established himself at the forefront of the traditional blues revival. His musical style is personal and energetic yet remains true to the original root form. His goal is to entertain and educate using a variety of sources, influences and techniques to express his dedication, respect and pleasure in presenting this unique American art form. Wrote one recent reviewer, “Whether you look for to performers for inspiration, education, virtuosity or sheer entertainment, Lightnin’ Wells delivers all the above, every single time.” Bring your guitar to this workshop if you like. Front Porch, Saturday noon

Latin Funk Fusion with Elastic Bond

Hailed by the LA Times as “Florida Funk Fusionists,” Miami’s Elastic Bond has a unique sound that incorporates Latin rhythms, urban tropical funk, electronica, hip hop, classic soul and traditional Cumbia with grace and style. We are delighted to have this band that was chosen as NPR’s World Cafe’s featured artists here in North Carolina! Check them out up close and personal on the Front Porch, Saturday 3pm

Old-Time Music with The Haywood County Ramblers

Bring your instruments and join this homestyle band for some old-time music lessons! Trevor and Travis Stuart lead up the fiddle and banjo, respectively, while Cary and/or Brett show you a thing or two on the guitar. Learn a tune then get together in the end for a little porch jam. Front Porch, Saturday 1pm

Soul Expression with Adrienne Mack-Davis

Adrienne Mack-Davis is a classically trained soul/ hiphop artist. Her sound is compiled of her struggles and triumphs weaving together gut wrenching melodies and poignant positive hard hitting lyrics. She believes in each person being the change in their own lives and writes music to inspire that. If you’re needing a boost to find your voice, or just want to see and hear what she’s all about, stop by the Front Porch, Friday 4pm

Children’s Music Workshop

Spread Your Musical Wings with the Angel Band Foundation. See description in Children’s Activities. Children under 10 at the Kids Tent, DAY & TIME; Ages 10+ at The Outpost, Sunday 1:30pm


Movement Workshops

Click here for a printable Movement Tent schedule.


Tensegrity is the modern version of movements called “magical passes” developed by Indian Shamans who lived in Mexico prior to the Spanish conquest. It is a mix of the terms tension and integrity—terms which connotate two driving forces of magical passes. Dance Tent, Friday 10:30am, Saturday 10:15am & Sunday 10:30am

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a sacred technology specially designed to identify and awaken our ultimate creative potential as human beings. Using breathing techniques, yoga postures, meditation and music, we will re-energize, re-calibrate, and relax more deeply into awareness of ourselves. This class is open to any and all levels of experience. Come give it a try. Led by Saranpreet Kaur. Dance Tent, Friday 9am; Movement Tent, Saturday 1pm

Power Yoga

We are all about moving, breathing and being present. All yogis, from first-timers to those with holes worn in their mats, will find something in this flow.  You will build heat, strength and community.  Leehann assists as she teaches with the intention of providing grounding, safety and growth.  Led by Leehan Schmitt. Dance Tent, Saturday 9am; Movement Tent, Friday 1pm

Children’s Hatha Yoga

Kids will get to experience hatha yoga through various animal poses, making connections to yoga from what they know about the world outside. Jamie will introduce the participants to basic Sanskrit phrases and discuss meditation, while taking them on a visual journey through the mind. Jamie has worked on making her yoga classes for kids a fun learning experience that also shows them how to focus and calm themselves. Led by Jamie Pennington. Movement Tent, Sunday 12pm

Restorative Hatha Yoga

This yoga class will be a gentle, restorative hatha yoga class. We flow through various asanas, and have a deep, meaningful meditation. You will hopefully come out of this feeling refreshed and restored. Led by Jamie Pennington. Movement Tent, Saturday 11am

Yin Yoga

A slower, inward practice, we will hold poses for extended periods of time and practice letting go. Exploring our potential for greater openness, as well as respecting our limitations, we will use the body and focused breath, building intensity to work at a deeper level with our emotions and our minds, helping to free us from old patterns. We will stay low to the floor for this practice, with the greatest emphasis on the hips, pelvis and lower back, which is very grounding. This practice is healing for tendons, ligaments and joints, and all levels of experience are welcome. Plan to feel more physically open, emotionally and mentally calmer and spiritually alive. Led by Scott Campbell.  Movement Tent, Saturday 5pm

Dharma Yoga

Dharma yoga warms up the body, brings flexibility to muscles and joints and wakes up the nervous system. Come experience a gentle yet powerful series of stretching, bending, balancing and twisting postures.  We’ll conclude with a centering pranayama practice and deep relaxation. Led by Emily Silverman. Movement Tent, Friday 4pm

Thai Yoga Bodywork

This workshop is a gentle and restorative yoga practice combined with the healing modalities of massage, bodywork and Thai massage; expanding and deepening one’s connection to the body, mind and spirit. While the asanas are being held, adjustments and bodywork are integrated into the practice to encourage discovery and awareness for one’s health, healing and well-being. Led by Crystal Hetrick. Movement Tent, Friday 10am & 2pm; Sunday 3pm


Aikido is a modern, non-violent, non-aggressive Japanese martial art. “Aiki” means “blending body with mind to the movements of energy,” “do” means “a way or path chosen towards self-realizatio?n.” As a system of self-defense it employs techniques based upon circular motions that blend with the attack and energy of your opponent. Aikido’s movements are generally smooth and fluid—circles and spirals predominate in the techniques. In the rhythm of practice, partners change roles allowing each to feel both aspects (attack and defense) of the technique. The general atmosphere of training is one of mutual cooperation and respect. Aikido is a way of coordinating both body and mind through the training and discipline of learning technique, thereby energizing the body and increasing awareness. Led by Frank Apodaca Sensei. Movement Tent, Saturday 4pm

Movement Exploration and Dance Jam

This workshop is open to movers of all levels who just want to dance! We will approach movement as a dynamic, healing, and ever-changing power, using evocative idea and imagery in a safe, non-judgmental environment. You’ll be lead through a warm-up of physical and improvisational exercises and combinations designed to stimulate our bodies, minds and spirits. Led by Jessi Knight. Movement Tent, Friday 5pm

Soul of Movement

Learn and have fun with Boston dance teacher Shari Repasz with this dance improvisation class. Learn to move in her favorite styles of modern, jazz, hip hop and Afro-Haitian. Be inspired. Be light. Have fun. Led by Shari Repasz. Movement Tent, Friday 12pm, Saturday 12pm and Sunday 11am

Tai Chi

Learn a graceful, easy nine-step T’ai Chi Five Element form. These moving meditations and energy exercises release stress while building vitality and strength. Learn and embrace tools to keep your energy clear, balanced and flowing. In a circle and with the beauty of nature around, we will more deeply connect to the Sky/Heaven energies above and the Earth energies below with a focus to harness their gifts and integrate them into our bodies and heart more consciously. Led by Janice Marie Durand. Movement Tent, Friday and Saturday 3pm, Sunday 1pm

Vinyasa Yoga

Join this class for a flowing movement yoga that works with the breath. These classes can be slightly more challenging than some. While it’s helpful to have prior knowledge of postures, all levels are welcome. Modifications for new students will be offered. Led by Kripalu trained Barbara Treyz. Dance Tent, Sunday 9am; Movement Tent, Saturday and Sunday 2pm

Vinyasa Flow – Find Your Inner Rhythm

These classes are meant to challenge and inspire, linking breath, movement and rhythm with fun sequencing and intriguing music. Be ready to sweat, laugh, and get your chataranga on in these flow classes that will finish with a guided meditation allowing you to release and relax. Led by Jessica Wilson-Thille. Movement Tent, Friday 11am; Saturday and Sunday 10am