Spring 2016

Dance Workshops

Clogging with the Apple Chill Cloggers

Version 3Get your feet flying as the Apple Chill Cloggers teach some easy steps to get you started on this traditional style of dance. No experience necessary—if you can walk, you can clog! Dance Tent, Sat 12:15pm

Swing Dance

Learn the basics of East Coast Swing, touching on the basic elements of footwork, partner connection and fun dance patterns.Taught by Adam Phillips and Aubrey Griffith-Zill. Dance Tent, Fri 7pm

Salsa Dance

Aubrey_Adam_Dance_byLionheartImagesAll levels of dance experience are welcome in this Latin movement workshop. Instructors Aubrey Griffith-Zill and Adam Phillips generate a fun, vibrant and playful environment where even YOU can learn to salsa dance. Dance Tent, Sun 11am

Zydeco & Cajun Dance

Jack Wolf and his dynamic dancing partner, Carol Woodell, will show you how to burn up the dance floor in legitimate Louisiana style! Dance Tent, Cajun: Fri 9:15pm; Zydeco: Sun 1:30pm

Hoop Dance

Jewels_Leading_ParadeCome and experience this revolutionary movement, taught by Julia Hartsell of The FlowJo, that combines meditation, exercise, grace and play. Intermediate-Advanced at the Dance Tent, Fri 12:30pm; Beginners at the Cabaret Tent, Fri 2:30pm

Family Fusion Dance Workshop

FamilyDance_F15_©ElizabethLarsonEveryone can learn the basics of social dancing and show off your new moves throughout the festival! This workshop is a great way for families to dance together and experience the joy of communication through movement. Program designed for all ages and experience levels. Instructor: Aubrey Griffith-Zill. Dance Tent, Fri 11am

Basic Poi Spinning & Poi Dance

CarolynHoopPoi_F09_KevinMJamesPoi Dance is a Maori art that has taken the flow arts world by storm. In this playshop, Caroleeena will share the basics of spinning poi and then using poi as a dance prop. Healing Arts Grove (beside the Movement Tent), Sat 2pm

Music Workshops

MarthaRedbone.webRoots of Soul with Martha Redbone

Stop by for an intimate look into the inspirations and techniques of this charismatic indie-soul diva. Front Porch, Fri 1pm



Vocal Harmonies with the Freewheelin’ Mamas

freewheelinmamas.smThese mamas from Asheville share their beautiful voices in three-part harmony. Front Porch, Fri 3pm

Old-Time Music with Driftwood

Driftwood-webThe members of Driftwood will teach you a tune from their musical roots! Bring your instruments or just hang out and listen. Front Porch, Fri 12pm

Banjo with Frank Lee

Bring your banjo and learn a few pointers and techniques from legendary Freight Hoppers banjoist, Frank Lee. Front Porch, Sat 12pm

Harmonica for Beginners I & II

Singer and multi-instrumentalist, Cary Moskovitz leads a two-part instructional workshop for everyone who is new to the harmonica. Come to both or just one. Extra harmonicas available. Front Porch, Fri 4:30pm & Sun 11am

Old-Time Jam

Old Joe Clarke and Sugar Hill, Paddy on the Handcar with Ducks on the Mill (pond).You might hear these tunes, or we’ll pass the torch, just grab your instruments and head down to the (Front) Porch, Sat 1pm

Afro-Caribbean Drumming & Chant

Take a percussive journey with Kenneth Metzker and Nery Arevalo through Afro- rhythms and chants found in Cuba and the Caribbean. Front Porch, Sun 3pm

unknown tongues.webCajun Music with Unknown Tongues

Join these down east revelers and learn some cajun tunes and ways. Bring your accordion, your fiddle and guitar or just your curiosity. Front Porch, Sat 2pm

Music Maker Blues

WeAreTheMusicMakersBig Ron Hunter, Lakota John and Harvey Arnold share their version of the Blues. Front Porch, Sat 4:30pm

Columbian Folklore Workshop

Join Yamaha drums endorsee Juan Guillermo Aguilar, FABI & BMSM for a musical journey through Columbia on the Front Porch, Sun 1:30pm

Derek Gripper’s South African Guitar

DerekGripper_byChristophLenzIt has been said that Derek Gripper’s guitar embodies the spirit of the kora. Come and experience the magic first-hand. Dance Tent, Sun 12:30pm

Children’s Music Workshop

Spread Your Musical Wings with the Angel Band Foundation! Children under 10 at the Kids Tent, Fri 3pm; Ages 10+ at The Outpost, Sun 2pm


Movement Workshops

Find a printable Movement Tent Schedule


Tensegrity is the modern version of movements called “magical passes” developed by Indian Shamans who lived in Mexico prior to the Spanish conquest. It is a mix of the terms “tension” and “integrity”—terms which connotate two driving forces of magical passes. Dance Tent, Fri, Sat & Sun 10am

Prana Vinyasa Yoga

KatieJohnson_MovementPrana Vinyasa is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of teachers. Students of all levels are invited and empowered to experience Prana – the Universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. Katie Johnson is a certified Prana Vinyasa Yoga instructor and lives in the quaint town of Pittsboro, NC where she teaches locally and serves on the faculty of Evolve Movements Prana Vinyasa Flow affiliate teacher training program in Raleigh, NC.  Movement Tent, Fri 10am joined by Sacred Sound Practitioner Amy Durso, Dance Tent, Sat 9am; Movement Tent, Sun 10am

Eye Yoga

This class blends Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and the Bates Method to help you decrease eyestrain and increase relaxation in your eyes and mind. Your eyes, like the rest of your body, can heal holistically. Glasses, contacts, and surgeries often only treat the symptoms of vision problems. Holistic eye care aims to address the underlying root causes of vision imbalances. Whether you currently have a vision problem that you wish to reverse or you have good vision that you wish to preserve, this enteractive class will help bring more balance into your eyes and into your life. Nathan Oxenfeld is a certified yoga instructor through the Integral Yoga Institute. Movement Tent, Fri & Sat 1pm

Tai Chi

Learn a graceful, easy nine-step T’ai Chi Five Element form. These moving meditations and energy exercises release stress while building vitality and strength. Learn and embrace tools to keep your energy clear, balanced and flowing. In a circle, and with the beauty of nature around, we will more deeply connect to the Sky/Heaven energies above and the Earth energies below with a focus to harness their gifts and integrate them into our bodies and heart more consciously. Led by Founder of The Tree of Life Polarity School, Janice Marie Durand. Movement Tent, Fri & Sun noon

Thai Yoga Bodywork

CrystalHetrick_MovementThis workshop is a gentle and restorative yoga practice combined with the healing modalities of massage, bodywork and Thai massage; expanding and deepening one’s connection to the body, mind and spirit. While the asanas are being held, adjustments and bodywork are integrated into the practice to encourage discovery and awareness for one’s health, healing and well-being. Led by Crystal Hetrick and Miles George. Movement Tent, Fri & Sat from 4 to 5:30pm

Balancing Vinyasa Flow

Rita Silver_Waterfall_MovementBalancing Flow Yoga is a flowing, breath-based Vinyasa sequence intended to bring a feeling of balance to our mind and body. Each class will incorporate a mindful meditation practice with a full body asana sequence. Expect gently warming flow, invigorating power postures, fun balancing, and slow deep stretches to reboot your energy for full festival enjoyment! All levels welcome and modifications will be provided. Led by Rita Silver. Dance Tent, Fri 9am;  Movement Tent, Sat 11am, Sun 11am

Yin Yoga

Scott_Campbell_Movement_TreePoseA slower, inward practice, we will hold poses for extended periods of time and practice letting go. Exploring our potential for greater openness, as well as respecting our limitations, we will use the body and focused breath, building intensity to work at a deeper level with our emotions and our minds, helping to free us from old patterns. We will stay low to the floor for this practice, with the greatest emphasis on the hips, pelvis and lower back. Led by Yoga Instructor Scott Campbell. This class is open to all levels.  Movement Tent, Sat 3pm

Movement Exploration & Dance Jam

Led by professional dancer, teacher and choreographer from Pittsboro, NC. Jessi Knight will lead you through a warm up of physical and improvisational exercises and combinations designed to stimulate our bodies, minds and spirits. This workshop is open to movers of all levels who just want to dance and move! We will approach movement as a dynamic, healing, and ever-changing power, using evocative ideas and imagery in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Join Jesse and integrate your Shakori experience! Movement Tent, Sun 3pm

Vinyasa Hatha Yoga

Join Musician and trained Yoga Instrutor, Tain Collins for a soft flowing yoga class. All are welcome! Breath is synchronized with movement as a meditation in motion. Starting with gentle asanas, we will transition into a more challenging standing sequence and end with twisting and calming poses – a balanced class with attention to the entire body. Movement tent, Fri 11am & Sat 10am with Sacred Sound Practitioner Amy Durso

Nia Dance Movement

HeatherMurphy_Nia_MovementDance your body fit with sassy shimmies…strengthen your body with martial arts movements…find your focus and calm with healing arts, deep breathing and stretches- experience Nia’s unique blend playfulness, power and emotional release in this 50-minute demo class. Instructor Heather Murphy (CommunNia) is a lifelong dancer, performer and teacher and offers classes and events in the Chapel Hill area. Movement Tent, Fri 3pm

Systema – Freedom Through Movement

This workshop focuses on the use of breathing and movement patterns to free the body of tension and stiffness, develop self-control and co-ordination, remove fear and anxiety, and build natural, sustainable vitality. Taught by Instructor Glenn Murphy (NC SYSTEMA), one of only three fully certified instructors of Russian movement/healing/martial art of Systema. Movement Tent, Sat noon

Power Yoga

LeahannBowen-SchmittThis fresh fierce flow is accompanied by musician John Paul and his rhythmic beats of the Conga. You will build heat, strength and community. Led by instructor Leahann Bowen-Schmitt, she will assist as she teaches with the intention of providing grounding, safety and growth. Dance Tent, Sun 9am & Movement Tent, Sun 1pm

Hatha Vinyasa Flow

Flow Vinyasa: Breath is synchronized with movement (asana) and meditation.
This class is designed to strengthen the mind and body connection while promoting wellness. Flowing movements link physical, mental and spiritual qualities into a grounding practice. Establishes awareness of your breath as you are guided from pose to pose. Taught by artist, jewelry designer, and certified yoga teacher, Roxana Woolett.  Movement Tent, Fri, Sat & Sun @ 2pm

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