Fall 2015

Dance Workshops

Poi Dance

Poi literally means “ball on string.” It is a Maori art that has taken the flow arts world by storm. In this class, we will learn the basics of spinning poi and then we will play with learning to dance with them. This class’s instructor, Caroleena, has been a flow artist for over 12 years. She was the first person to bring fire dancing to Shakori Hills and has gone on to teach people around the globe the art of poi and fire dancing. Come play! Healing Arts Grove (beside the Movement Tent), Sat 2pm

Clogging with the Cane Creek Cloggers

The Cane Creek Cloggers strive to promote an understanding of and respect for the diverse cultural heritage of the American South, and to teach and share the joy of clogging. They focus on preserving the traditions of old-time clogging, flatfoot, and buck dancing, while exuding the joyful energy at its deepest roots. They believe that innovation is vital to keeping traditions meaningful, and they challenge themselves to create new ideas within the realm of old-time steps and dance figures. These dancers work with live old-time music at every performance and workshop, and host several weeks of free lessons for the public every fall. Dance Tent, Sat 11:15am

Zydeco Dance

Jack Wolf teaches dance and produces dance and musical events in the Triangle. He has been producing Dance Gumbo, a fourth Saturday event at Triangle Dance Studio, Durham, for 15 years where he DJs and teaches Swing, Latin, Cajun/Zydeco, Waltz and Improv. He also organizes and teaches Salsa and DJs at the Every Sunday Salsa Social at Triangle Dance Studio. Jack and his dynamic dancing partner, Carol Woodell, will show you how to burn up the dance floor in legitimate Louisiana style! Dance Tent, Sun 1:30pm

Swing Dance

This is the easiest dance style for beginners to learn—a great place to start! In this workshop we will teach the basics of East Coast Swing, touching on the basic elements of footwork, connection with your partner and fun dance patterns. This upbeat and judgment-free workshop is designed for all experience levels. Taught by Adam Phillips and Aubrey Griffith-Zill. Join us in the Dance Tent, Fri 7:30pm

Latin Dancing: Rhythm, Expression, Connection

In this workshop you will be introduced to a variety of Latin movements and rhythms. We will warm up by grounding our energy while shifting into the heart & soul of Latin dancing, generating a vibrant and playful environment. We will touch on a variety of Latin dance styles such as Merengue, Bachata and Salsa. Taught by Aubrey Griffith-Zill and Adam Phillips. All levels are welcome at this FUN class! Dance Tent, Sat 6pm 

Hoop Dance

Come and experience this revolutionary movement that combines meditation, exercise, grace and play. Hooping is an amazing path for conscious embodiment and creative expression. Taught by Jewels of HoopDrum, the advanced-intermediate playshop is intended for those who have some experience with the hoop, but if you are struggling with a hoop move or don’t know where to even start, come to the Beginners workshop in the Cabaret. Intermediate-Advanced at the Dance Tent, Fri 11:45am; Beginners at the Cabaret Tent, Fri 2pm

Family Fusion Dance Workshop

Everyone can learn the basics of social dancing. See description in Children’s Activities. Dance Tent, Fri 1:15pm

Music Workshops

Find a printable schedule of the Front Porch Workshops here.

Intimate Blues with Blind Boy Paxton

Hailed as “one of the greatest multi-instrumentalists that you have not heard of yet,” Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton sings and plays banjo, guitar, piano, fiddle, harmonica, cajun accordion and the bones in nearly every traditional musical genre played in the last century: jazz, blues, folk, cajun and country. Shakori Hills is honored and delighted to host Mr. Paxton at this fall festival as he regales us with his special brand of the blues on the Front Porch, Sat 1:30pm

Latin Funk Fusion with Elastic Bond

Hailed by the LA Times as “Florida Funk Fusionists,” Miami’s Elastic Bond has a unique sound that incorporates Latin rhythms, urban tropical funk, electronica, hip hop, classic soul and traditional Cumbia with grace and style. We are delighted to showcase this eclectic group of musicians who were chosen as NPR’s World Cafe’s featured artists here in NC last year! Check them out up close and personal on the Front Porch, Sun 2pm

Old-Time Jam with the Spring Chickens

Rob, Beth, Robby and McLean are staples of the western NC mountain music scene. Rob and Beth have been hosting old-time jams at their pottery studio for several years as well. Bring your fiddles, banjos, guitars and upright basses and maybe learn a tune or practice a known one in a jam setting. If enough people show up, we may break out into smaller groups for individual instrument practice. Front Porch, Fri 2:30pm

Irish Tune Workshop with James Olin Oden

Irish music is built around a tradition of aural learning –rather than reading notes from a sheet, music is learned by listening and playing by ear. In this workshop, any melodic instrument that can be played in the keys of D and G is appropriate. Bring your ear and an instrument and let James Olin Oden, NC’s own captivating Celtic instrumentalist, teach you an Irish tune to play with the group. Front Porch, Sun 3:30pm

Cajun Fiddle with Cedric Watson

Even at his young age, Cedric Watson has played with many of the great musical legends of the Louisiana sound. As evidenced by a late-night/early morning solo encore at GrassRoots this summer, his own elegantly soulful style truly emerges when it’s just him and his fiddle. Check him out on the Front Porch, Sat 12pm

Native Americana with Keith Secola

Keith Secola is an award-winning guitarist, native flute player, singer, songwriter and producer. Keith is Anishinabe (Ojibwa) originally from the the Mesabi Iron Range country of northern Minnesota. Shakori Hills is honored to have his musical presence this festival. Check out his performances and stop by the porch for this up close and personal demonstration with discussion about his own take on music that he calls Native Americana. Front Porch, Sat 6pm

African Drum Workshop with Diali Cissokho

Renowned kora player and percussionist from the Casamance region of Senegal, Diali came to the United States after years of performing and teaching in Senegal and in Europe. Born into a rich ancestry of Manding griots (the musicians caste), Diali has been playing traditional West African music for as long as he can remember. Don’t miss your chance to learn some high-energy drum rhythms from West Africa. Bring you own drum or borrow one of Diali’s. Dance Tent, Fri 2:30pm

Songwriting with Nora Jane Struthers

NPR Music says, “Nora Jane Struthers embodies everything you could want in an Americana singer-songwriter.” Her music exudes an honesty and energy that provides a different perspective on the genre. She has much to say about the process, struggles and joys of being an independent musician in a time dominated by corporate-backed pop singers. Stop in and hear what she has to say and sing. Front Porch, Fri 12pm

Old Man Luedecke, Banjo Songster

Old Man Luedecke, the stage name of Canadian singer-songwriter, Chris Luedecke, is the real thing – a modern-day people’s poet and traveling bard and balladeer. He’s played around the world to a loving and increasing fan base, and won two Juno awards in the process. His latest album, and third collaboration with Tim O’Brien, “Domestic Eccentric” was released with rave reviews for its heartfelt mastery of folk and roots music. Come by the porch and see why! Front Porch, Fri 1pm

Children’s Music Workshop

Spread Your Musical Wings with the Angel Band Foundation! See description in Children’s Activities. Children under 10 at the Kids Tent, Fri 4pm; ages 10+ at The Outpost, Sun 1pm

Blues Banjo Instructional Workshop

Although most people think of the banjo as a bluegrass instrument, people were playing blues and related styles on the instrument long before bluegrass existed. Multi-instrumentalist Cary Mokovitz will demonstrate some different styles on the four and 6-string banjo and banjo ukulele and explain some basic song forms. Ukulele players welcome too! Front Porch, Sun 11am

Movement Workshops

Find a printable Movement Tent Schedule here (printable schedule only includes workshops in the Movement Tent, the below listing includes additional workshops held elsewhere).


Tensegrity is the modern version of movements called “magical passes” developed by Indian Shamans who lived in Mexico prior to the Spanish conquest. It is a mix of the terms “tension” and “integrity”—terms which connotate two driving forces of magical passes. Dance Tent, Fri, Sat and Sun 10:30am

Prana Vinyasa Yoga

Prana Vinyasa is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of teachers. Students of all levels are invited and empowered to experience Prana – the Universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. Katie Johnson is a certified Prana Vinyasa Yoga instructor residing in Pittsboro, NC where she teaches locally and serves on the faculty of Evolve Movements Prana Vinyasa Flow Affiliate Teacher Training Program in Raleigh. Dance Tent, Sat 9am; Movement Tent, Fri and Sun 10am

Eye Yoga

This class blends yoga, meditation, breath work and the Bates Method to help you decrease eyestrain and increase relaxation in your eyes and mind. Your eyes, like the rest of your body, can heal holistically. Glasses, contacts, and surgeries often only treat the symptoms of vision problems; holistic eye care aims to address the underlying root causes of vision imbalances. Whether you currently have a vision problem that you wish to reverse or you have good vision that you wish to preserve, this interactive class will help bring more balance into your eyes and your life. Nathan Oxenfeld is a certified yoga instructor through the Integral Yoga Institute. Movement Tent, Fri, Sat & Sun 2pm

Tai Chi

Learn a graceful, easy nine-step T’ai Chi Five Element form. These moving meditations and energy exercises release stress while building vitality and strength. Learn and embrace tools to keep your energy clear, balanced and flowing. In a circle, and with the beauty of nature around, we will connect to the sky energies above and the earth below with a focus to harness their gifts and consciously integrate them into our bodies and heart. Led by Founder of The Tree of Life Polarity School, Janice Marie Durand. Movement Tent, Sat 3pm

Soul Of Movement

Learn and have fun with Boston dancer, choreographer, performer, teacher and Gyrotonic instructor, Shari Repasz. She will begin with floor work to open, expand, stretch, strengthen and condition the body for movement and dance. This class incorporates her eclectic movement background by using the mood and music of her surroundings. She will lead you through a series of improvisational movements in her favorite styles of modern jazz, hip hop and Afro-Haitian. Be inspired, be light, have fun and learn some new ways to move through your Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival! Movement Tent, Fri, Sat & Sun 12pm

Balancing Vinyasa Flow

Balancing Flow Yoga is a flowing, breath-based Vinyasa sequence intended to bring a feeling of balance to our mind and body. Each class will incorporate a mindful meditation practice with a full body asana sequence. Expect gently warming flow, invigorating power postures, fun balancing, and slow deep stretches to reboot your energy for full festival enjoyment! All experience levels are welcome; modifications will be provided. Led by Rita Silver. Dance Tent, Fri 9am; Movement Tent, Sat 10am & Sun 11am

Thai Yoga Bodywork

This workshop is a gentle and restorative yoga practice combined with the healing modalities of massage, bodywork and Thai massage; expanding and deepening one’s connection to the body, mind and spirit. While the asanas are being held, adjustments and bodywork are integrated into the practice to encourage discovery and awareness for one’s health, healing and well-being. Led by Crystal Hetrick and Miles George. Movement Tent, Fri, Sat & Sun 1pm

4 Elements Movement

EMBODY. EXPERIENCE. EMBRACE. EXPRESS. Visionary artist, storyteller and creativity inspirer, Aja Dematerra will be your guide in showing you how to embody your true being, experience your magic and express your jeweled creativity. Aja’s 4 Elements Movement is a dance of four ancient, gentle gestures connected to the elements of earth, fire, water and wind. These movements inspire radiant alignment with the creative spirit within. Movement Tent, Fri 3pm

Yin Yoga with Sacred Music & Hands-on Healing

A slower, inward practice, we will hold poses for extended periods of time and practice letting go. Exploring our potential for greater openness, as well as respecting our limitations, we will use the body and focused breath, building intensity to work at a deeper level with our emotions and our minds, helping to free us from old patterns. We will stay low to the floor for this practice, with the greatest emphasis on the hips, pelvis and lower back. John Westmoreland accompanies with his live sacred music, and hands-on healer, Brooksie Edwards will enhance your deep healing with hands-on work. Led by Scott Campbell, this class is open to all levels and will last an hour and a half. Movement Tent, Sat 4pm

Movement Exploration & Dance Jam

This workshop is open to movers of all levels who just want to dance and move! We will approach movement as a dynamic, healing and ever-changing power, using evocative ideas and imagery in a safe, non-judgmental environment. You’ll be lead through a warm-up of physical and improvisational exercises and combinations designed to stimulate our bodies, minds and spirits. Led by professional dancer, teacher and choreographer, Jessi Knight. Movement Tent, Sat 3pm

Vinyasa Hatha Yoga

All are welcome! Breath is synchronized with movement as a meditation in motion. Starting with gentle asanas, we will transition into a more challenging standing sequence and end with twisting and calming poses – a balanced class with attention to the entire body. Led by musician and Ti Harmony trained yoga instructor Tain Collins. Movement Tent, Fri & Sat 11am

Mindful & Gentle Yoga

In this one and a half hour class, participants will cultivate deep listening and mindfulness. Each person will be provided the opportunity to find empowerment and awaken their true self as they discover the body’s truth and innate, profound healing wisdom. Participants will explore their physical body, breath, energy body, mind and heart through the many styles and various forms of hatha yoga, yoga nidra, kundalini, and yoga therapeutics. This class is led by teacher and bodywork therapist, Mary Justus. She will offer gentle assists, energetic touch and her own experience. All levels welcome! Movement Tent, Fri 4pm

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