Spring 2014

Dance Workshops


Waltzing with Chocolate Suede is your outlet for utterly un-frumpy social dance. We start with an approachable beginner workshop taught by Lizzy Hazeltine and others to get you going. Then we’ll mix contemporary tunes with old-school waltzes and blues standards for high-energy dancing through the night. No parter is necessary. Just bring yourself and your dancing feet. Dance Tent, Friday 4pm

Hoop Dance

Come and experience this revolutionary movement that combines meditation, exercise, grace and play.  Hooping is an amazing path for conscious embodiment and creative expression. Taught by Jewels of HoopDrum, the Friday playshop is intended for those who have some experience with the hoop, but if you are struggling with a hoop move or don’t know where to even start, Jewels, Pete and other experienced hoopers will be available on Saturday in front of the hoop vending booth for some one-on-one guidance. Dance Tent, Friday 12pm; Hoop Booth by the Meadow Stage, Saturday 11am

Clogging with the Apple Chill Cloggers

Learn to clog—a form of percussive dance based on local dance styles hundreds of years old!  Get your feet flying as the Apple Chill Cloggers teach some easy steps to get you started. No experience necessary: if you can walk, you can clog!  Dance Tent, Sunday 11am

Zydeco & Country Two-Step

Jack Wolf aka Yonkel El Bailadoro, from Hillsborough, NC, teaches dance and produces dance and musical events in the Triangle.  He has been producing Dance Gumbo, a fourth Saturday event at Triangle Dance Studio, Durham, for 15 years where he DJs and teaches Swing, Latin, Cajun/Zydeco, Waltz and Improv. He also organizes and teaches Salsa, and DJs at the Every Sunday Salsa Social at Triangle Dance Studio. Dance Tent: Zydeco, Sunday 1pm; Two-Step, Sunday 4pm

Latin Dance

Prior to their show on Saturday, Cuban Son group Cortadito will be presenting a brief workshop on the traditional dance and music that is known as Son Montuno. Participants will be taught how to play the 3-2 clave rhythm  as well as learn a few dance steps which will be taught by Cortadito lead singer, Julio Cesar Rodriguez. He will also share a bit of the history of Son Montuno, Cuba’s traditional country music. Dance Tent, Saturday 4pm

Swing Dance Workshop

Stop by the Dance Tent early to polish up your East Coast Swing Dance moves. In this workshop we will teach simple East Coast/Six-Count Swing. Touching on the basic elements of footwork, connection with partner, and fun dance patterns. This upbeat and judgment-free workshop is designed for all experience levels. Taught by Aubrey Griffith-Zill and Adam Phillips. Join us in the Dance Tent, Sunday 11am


Music Workshops

Innovative Cello with Ben Sollee

Not easily categorized, Ben Sollee’s music is raw and personal. Innovative cello combined with rough-smooth-smoky vocal stylings and a knack for intricate arrangements have been captivating audiences since his debut album in 2008 – a debut which led NPR’s Morning Edition to call him one of the “Top Ten Great Unknown Artists” of the year. He’s become more familiar these days, and Shakori Hills is delighted to invite you to the Front Porch, Saturday 5:30pm

Banjo with Richie Stearns

Richie Stearns began playing music as a teenager, and while his roots lie in traditional, old-time music, over the course of his impressive career, his music and playing style have morphed into an entirely original genre. The Horse Flies, Donna the Buffalo and Natalie Merchant’s band are just a few of his collaborations (or inventions), and he is here this festival with his current musical partner, Rosie Newton. Stop by the front porch for this special workshop – bring your banjo and learn a tune or just hang out and listen! Front Porch, Saturday 1pm

Blues Master Class with Captain Luke, ?Big Ron Hunter, Ironing Board Sam & Harvey Dalton Arnold

Bring your instruments for this Blues Master Class with these three great Music Maker Artists:

Luther Mayer, known as “Captain Luke,” was born in Greenville, SC, in 1926. He grew up on his grandparents’ farm in nearby Clinton, where he followed the furrows barefoot behind the plow. Captain Luke’s music and art are rooted firmly in the African-American working class of the Carolina Piedmont and the mystique of his message refers continually to the blues experience.

Ron Hunter, the world’s happiest bluesman, owns a voice that gives people chills. It’s the kind of voice that carries warmth and tenderness, a voice that is unmistakably his own and embodies everything that is raw, pure and beautiful about the blues.

Harvey Arnold is a singer, guitarist and North Carolina native who has a passion for the blues. He sold millions of albums as a member of southern rock band The Outlaws from 1976-80 and has played at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall. Harvey performs a left-handed finger-picking style and slide playing on electric and acoustic guitars.

Ironing Board Sam is a truly gifted and engaging performer. Sam’s powerful, soulful voice and remarkable piano prowess remain undiminished. In fact, he believes that he’s only getting better with age, saying, “This is the time when in my life it seems to be that I’m at my best because I know more on how to write music, know more how to play it, know more how to get it to the audience, know more about everything.  I’m ?70 years old. It took this time, you know.” Front Porch, Saturday 4pm

Songwriting with Jim Lauderdale

Come learn some song-writing tips from one of the most respected artists of bluegrass, country and americana music today. Jim Lauderdale’s songs have been made into hits by such artists as Patty Loveless, The Dixie Chicks and George Strait, and the Grammy Award Winner’s collaborations and list of credits as a player are too numerous to list! Shakori Hills is honored to present this workshop for your enjoyment and education. Front Porch, Friday 1pm

Fiddle Tunes on the Harmonica with Cary Moskovitz

Singer and multi-intstrumentalist Cary Moskovitz will lead this first-time ever at Shakori Hills instructional workshop. Cary performs traditionally-inspired interpretations of early blues, swing and jug band music of the 1920′s and 30′s as well as traditional Appalachian tunes and songs, and is front man for local favorite, The Haw River Rounders. This workshop is intended for those with prior experience playing harmonica and will show how to adapt the harmonica to straight, cross and paddy richter fiddle tuning as well as playing back-up with double stops. Front Porch, Sunday 12pm

Vocal Harmonies with The Freewheelin’ Mamas

This group of “mamas’” hailing from Asheville, North Carolina knew they had something special the very first time they sang together. Sharing songs for all ages, stop by and check out their magic. Front Porch, Friday 5pm

Real Country Music with J.P. Harris & the Tough Choices

When The Tough Choices began, there were only two rules: keep it country, and keep it simple. They have done both, yet still weave burning pedal steel leads and painfully genuine guitar solos with the cool calm of a Spaghetti-Western Clint Eastwood. These ruffians draw on influences ranging from early Western Swing to rough-edged Truck Driving ballads and what emerges is pure honky tonk REAL country music. Stop by and check it out, up close and personal on the Front Porch, Sunday 1:30pm

Home Remedy Fiddle Styles Demonstration

Come learn about four fiddling traditions: Old Time, Irish, Scottish, and Cajun. Rosie Newton, Lydia Garrison and Oona Grady (Home Remedy) will play tunes from each style, talk about their respective traditions, noting similarities and differences, and tell a few stories about their personal experiences exploring these traditions. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about this lovely and versatile instrument, or these types of music in particular, stop on by! No instruments needed. Feel free to bring questions and recording devices. Front Porch, Saturday 2pm

Children’s Music Workshop

Spread Your Musical Wings with the Angel Band Foundation. See description in Children’s Activities. Children under 10 at the Kids Tent, Friday 4pm; Ages 10+ at The Outpost, Sunday 2pm


Movement Workshops

Download a PDF of the Movement Tent Schedule

MC Yogi Workshop with Amanda Giacomini & DJ Drez

MC Yogi and Amanda are a yogic partnership based in Point Reyes, California. When they are not on tour all over the world at yoga festivals, conferences, studios, & teaching centers, they teach regular classes and workshops at Yoga Toes, the studio they founded in 2001. Their classes are a fun, high-energy flow, balancing expressive movement while simultaneously honoring stillness. DJ Drez, a devoted Yogi and veteran DJ of festivals, movies, and television provides the backbeat. His sets often combine Traditional Kirtan with Hip Hop, Electronica, Reggae, and much more! Dance Tent, Saturday 12:45pm


Modern version of movements called “magical passes” developed by Indian Shamans who lived in Mexico prior to the Spanish conquest. A mix of the terms tension and integrity—terms which connotate two driving forces of magical passes.  Dance Tent,  Friday 11am, Saturday 10am & Sunday 10am


Come and experience the pleasure of Nia (Pronounced “nee-ya,”), the hottest fusion fitness in mind-body wellness. For all levels and ages. Nia is a joyful and exhilarating practice that combines martial arts, yoga, dance and spiritual self-healing. It delivers a safe, effective cardiovascular workout with total body conditioning and personal growth benefits. Join us for Nia and experience the joy of movement…the body’s way! Movement Tent: Led by Haven Carter & Lynda Heymen Friday 11am and Saturday 12pm; Led by Laurie Labean, Friday 3pm; Led by Karen Firebaugh, Saturday 10am;  Led by Cindy Wolfe, Saturday 3pm

T’ai Chi

Learn a graceful, easy 9-step T’ai Chi Five Element form. This moving meditation & other energy exercises release stress while building vitality & strength. Embrace tools to keep your energy clear, balanced & flowing. In a circle and with the beauty of nature around, we will more deeply connect to the Sky/Heaven energies above and the Earth energies we live on below with a focus to harness their gifts and integrate them into our bodies and heart more consciously. Movement Tent. Led by Janice Durand, Friday 1pm.

Sivananda/Hatha Yoga

This Hatha Yoga class will focus on shoulders, hips and heart opening poses: deep physical stretching, breath focus and a progression towards calm presence of mind to enjoy all of the festival’s offerings throughout the rest of your day at Shakori Hills. Led by Hilary Davis. Movement Tent, Saturday 1pm & Sunday at 1pm; Dance Tent, Sunday 9am

Power Yoga

We are all about moving, breathing, and being present. All yogis from first timers to those with holes worn in their mats will find something in this flow. You will build heat, strength, and community. Leehann assists as she teaches with the intention of providing grounding, safety, and growth. Led by Leehan Schmitt. Dance Tent, Friday 9am & Saturday 9am

Yin Yoga

A slower, inward practice, we will hold poses for extended periods of time and practice letting go. Exploring our potential for greater openness, as well as respecting our limitations, we will use the body and focused breath, building intensity to work at a deeper level with our emotions and our minds, helping to free us from old patterns. We will stay low to the floor for this practice, with the greatest emphasis on the hips, pelvis, and lower back, which is very grounding. This practice is healing for tendons, ligaments and joints, and all levels of experience are welcome. Plan to feel more physically open, emotionally and mentally calmer and spiritually alive. Led by Scott Campbell. Movement Tent, Saturday 5pm

Dharma Yoga

Dharma yoga warms up the body, brings flexibility to muscles and joints, and wakes up the nervous system. Come experience a gentle yet powerful series of stretching, bending, balancing, and twisting postures. We’ll conclude with a centering pranayama practice and deep relaxation. Led by Emily Silverman. Movement Tent, Friday 4pm & Saturday 4pm


This is a welcoming, all-levels class where you are encouraged to just do what you can and to move within your own boundaries. Class will start with a short meditation and then move into well-balanced mix of classical postures with longer holds that are conducive to body and breath awareness. We’ll end with savasana (final relaxation). Some teaching of the deeper dimension and philosophy of yoga may be included and intertwined into the class. You will be encouraged to attentively participate in your own breath/body, which can reverberate positive effects into the rest of your life. Movement Tent: Led by Tain Collins, Saturday 2pm & Sunday 11am; Led by Kathryn Foster, Friday 12pm

Thai Yoga Bodywork

This workshop is a gentle and restorative yoga practice combined with the healing modalities of massage, bodywork, and Thai massage; expanding and deepening one’s connection to the body, mind and spirit. While the asanas are being held, adjustments and bodywork are integrated into the practice to encourage discovery and awareness for one’s health, healing and well-being. Led by Crystal Hetrick. Movement Tent, Friday 10am & 2pm; Sunday 3pm

Five Animal Frolics Qigong

This set of gentle and playful exercises imitates the spirit and movements of the crane, bear, monkey, deer and tiger. Accompanied by deep, relaxed breathing, they have been practiced in China for 1800 years to strengthen organs, nerves, muscles, and bones, to prevent and cure diseases, to promote balance and to celebrate life. Led by Kathleen Cusick. Movement Tent, Sunday 12pm


Aikido is a modern, non-violent, non-aggressive Japanese martial art. “Aiki” means “blending body with mind to the movements of energy,” “do” means “a way or path chosen towards self-realizatio?n.” As a system of self-defense it employs techniques based upon circular motions that blend with the attack and energy of your opponent. Aikido’s movements are generally smooth and fluid – circles and spirals predominate in the techniques. In the rhythm of practice, partners change roles allowing each to feel both aspects (attack and defense) of the technique. The general atmosphere of training is one of mutual cooperation and respect. Aikido is a way of coordinating both body and mind through the training and discipline of learning technique, thereby energizing the body and increasing awareness. Led by Frank Apodaca Sensei. Movement Tent, Friday 5pm & Saturday 11am